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Stupid Injuries

Currently carrying a groin strain from sprinting with a slight spinal errector strain from letting my ego take over and completing a deadlift even though my form had gone loose.

When I was younger I broke my nose doing the high jump (beat that!)

Have also broken my nose riding a mechanical bull. Was all dressed in white at the time so looked like an extra from a horror movie for the rest of the night. (Alcohol may have been involved.)

I have a large scar on my hip from sliding on my hip down the road trying to prove to a friend that I could out sprint him. (A lot of alcohol was involved in this one, we were just outside Liverpool Street Station and their was a crowd of about a thousand in the street to witness it. Again, had a white shirt on.)

Got a frick’n hernia…no clue how I did it so no way to know what not to do. Just when other people were noticing and commenting on my progress…FUCK

Broken nose from running through a glass pane sliding door, in swim trunks, trying to make it down to the ocean. Always a great start to spring break.

and I hadn’t even started drinking yet.

Well cleaning a meat slicer with a sponge the slicer pulled the sponge an took the tip of my index & middle fingers, and when I got to the hospital from 8pm to 3am in the emergency room, got a room the next morning went to gat a skin graft to cove the finger muscle that was hanging out, well here comes the fucking nurse with out warning with a scissor cut what ever muscle that was hanging, oohhh & then came the operation they had to force the needle throw the nail, boy talk about pain I cried like a little girl. Still hvae the scars too prove it 20yrs later.

At around 15yrs I was riding my bmx bike and when over a slotted in a water drain and you guessed it the front tire got jam, when over the handle bar, and to this day don’t remember nothing just when I woke up walk home and had the biggest headachy ever and throw up all over.

I just put a nail through the arch of my foot.

[quote]ucallthatbass wrote:
stockzy wrote:
I broke my knee playing frisbee.

care for share a little more.[/quote]

We were on a comeback the likes of which the frisbee fraternity had yet to witness…

Was jumping for the frisbee at the same time as another dude and as i landed i rolled my ankle outwards, he landed on top of me and i hyper extended my knee and cracked my tibial plateau. On crutches for 12 weeks.

My mates are the best though. The standard response when i told them was “that’s what you get for playing a ghey ass game like frisbee”

Cunts :slight_smile:

Last Thursday I helped my neibhor move some barn joist’s he’s using for a tiki hut beside his pool. Roughly five-hundred pounds a peice, felt pretty good the next day,little tight but ok.

Saturday morning I got up early to do 5/3/1 back, no assc,just DL’s…second warm-up set I pulled my lower back muscles. Finished it but my lower back was on fire.

Then I procceded to pour concrete all day to do his hut pad and my own front porch…fifty fuckin wheel-barrows full of concrete with a bad back.

Sunday was agony, thank god for football sunday, could barely moove.

Monday I broke down and went to the walk in clinic to get some pills. I walk with a wiggle now cause the muscles are so tight it fucking with the nerves around my back…very weird feeling.

I just started 5/3/1 and was on my second wave and now I’m back to square one and I have no idea when I can start lifting again. Not happy right now. But I am proud of myself for working through the pain and finishing the sets I needed to do even if was kinda dumb.

Broke my foot in three places…stepping off a still skateboard.
A year later, i bruised my knee severely. to the point the doctor thought I torn my patellar tendon grappling a two-hundred pound girl. She was 12.
Winged Scapula, three weeks ago, from not reading enough and doing dumb exercises.

Yeah, I feel smart.

Gave myself a back sprain on a horizontal leg press machine.

Yeah, I injured myself on a weight machine. Though I think I may have weakened my back during a Highland competition the day before.

I just get a sprained left ankle alllll the time *knocks on wood". I hope since wearing Vibram 5 fingers shoes for a little over 5 months working out strengthened my ankle.

Haven’t broken anything either knocks on wood again. Been a careful person I guess.

Hurt my quad pretty bad during soccer tryouts. Didn’t tell anyone and kept playing on it for the next few weeks. Every time I kicked the ball it felt like my quad was going to tear in half. It still gives me trouble sometimes almost 10 years later.

Separated the AC joint in my right shoulder my senior football season. Played anyways. Now, over 3 years later, my shoulder has tendonitis, bone spurs, and mobility issues.

There’s no I in team, but there are 3 in I’m Fucking Stupid.