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Stupid Injuries


I pulled my left hamstring tonight while doing sprints after my weight training because I went 100% after only a couple of minutes of warm-up to try and impress some girls on the side of the track who were stretching.

Mistake #1: I'm not fast, therefore even my fastest sprints are not that impressive.
Mistake #2: Thinking that sprinting is a good way to attract a mate.

Anybody else ever have any stupid injuries?


I hurt my shoulder doing seated curls.... I would call that stupid


I broke my knee playing frisbee.


care for share a little more.


acl tear playing indoor soccer, stupid stupid stupid


Dislocated my shoulder, then went for a PR bench 2 days later, surgery 2 years after that...hangs head in shame


the most stupid injurie? Picture a seated calf machine. 2p25 per side. I miss the clench and the weight crush my knee, making my foot dorsiflex almost to my shins.


When I was 14 I "stood up" to 15 or 20 east Baltimore boys that were fucking with one of my friends while we were walking home from school. I stood up and he sat down! Worst ass kicking I ever had the pleasure of receiving. Stitches, broken nose, broken ribs, fractured two vertebrae in my neck, broken fingers, chipped teeth, both eyes swollen shut... BAD. And it wasn't even my fight!



My brother in law broke his ankle playing golf. Beer and wrestling may have been involved.


This happened to me with 6 plates, I thought I broke both ankles, couldn't walk right for a month.


I think I was 8-12 years old and I was on an exercise bike that belonged to my mom. It was the one where you pull a bar back as you cycle. Well, I pulled the bar too far back and hit myself in the balls. The bar welded to a metal rod that lined up with one's crotch area. I fell off the bike and spent the next 60 seconds wondering why I can't move.

And then the next 5 minutes walking it off.


You did a good thing, even if your friend screwed you over.


Orbital blowout fracture (shattered my cheek bone) jumping off a diving board. We were just goofing around and I had been trying to do a 1-1/2 back dive (I had the 1-1/4 down pat) when somebody suggested I simply do a back dive. Well, in trying to make it look pretty I tucked too hard and hit myself with my own knee. Anybody that's ever broken a cheek bone knows that your sinus can completely fill up with blood, as mine did. It was constantly draining into my throat and mouth, I had the taste of blood in my mouth for a good month. I also think it was about six months before I finally got all the feeling back in my face and mouth.


ultimate frisbee is a dangerous game, particularly at night... i broke my nose once


My current injury that I'm almost over. I have a really badly sprained serratus posterior inferior, which is a muscle that connects T11 through L2 to your rib cage. It's postural, and thus is involved in pretty much every lift in some capacity or another. I also have a crushed L5-S1 disc.

I've reaggrivated it multiple times doing: deadlifts, rack pulls, power cleans, good mornings, and lastly with a power snatch. Every time I thought that it was ok since it didn't hurt while not lifting. Then I'd lift, ignore pain, then hobble around for several days.

I finally got my shit together and went to a chiropractor, and by doing some rehab, I'm getting back to 100%. I deadlifted 115 for 3 sets of 12 reps last night, and didn't have any pain after it. I just have to stick to it and not do anything stupid.


August 25: Twisted my ankle. Probably sprained it.
August 29: Played a Varsity game on it.
Sept 1: Twisted my ankle during football practice. Definitely sprained it.
Sept 7: Played a JV game and could barely walk off the field.

Now, it hurts when I do most things. Have very little mobility in it, and it still hurts to run. Probably coming back on the 17th.


Had some very nasty micro tears, I think, all over the right side obliques down to my hips. Was running the 100m in highschool, it was just me and this black guy in the final stretch, felt something tear, kept going...felt EVERYTHING tear...and kept going. That one fucking sucked for about 2 months. Stupid me, I didn't even warm up.

Sad thing is at this time the only guy I couldn't beat was a guy who ran a 4.36 second 40 at a football combine. I haven't sprinted since that injury, fear is the mind killer lol.


Well i would say the second time i injured my back doing DLs after suffering the same injury 3 months before was pretty stupid. But more recently while unloading the plates from a bar on the power rack and getting too caught up in conversation i failed to take the smaller 10 lb plate off first before the 45 behind since i wasnt paying attention and it fell on the top of my right foot. It doesnt hurt anymore but i can feel the bones popping with every step i take. not sure if i should worry yet.


i got to cocky my first time snowboarding and thought i could go off a little jump, and broke my arm.


i got to cocky my first time snowboarding and thought i could go off a little jump, and broke my arm.

on a gym related note, i pulled both hamstrings my first time doing extensions because i went to heavy.

i honestly couldn't fully straighten my legs for what seemed like a week i walked around highschool looking like a total idiot. im positive at least one person thought that i must have fallen and hit my head and become mentally retarded.