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Stupid Injuries You Got

Just going over the really, really dumb injuries I ever got, not necessarily avoidable ones, like picking at my calluses until I skin my palm or putting too much weight on the bar.

I recently got a very stupid “injury”. I was doing some dynamic stretches (standing reverse hypers) and hit the shit out of my calf on one of the squat rack pegs, lateral head. So I essentially Charlie horsed myself and it hurt like a bitch.

This was two weeks ago and now I can’t go into ankle dorsiflexion without pain which means I can’t squat without my calf feeling like it’s going to tear. Funny thing is that there’s no bruise, but there’s a huge bump at the point of impact.

This is actually really frustrating because it puts a huge dent in my training and its such a fucking dumbass injury, I mean I can accept a slipped disc during a max attempt or a pulled hamstring or something, but “I hit myself and it hurts” is just sad. And pathetic.

Anyone here have any dumb injuries they ever got?

Dude got out of a Dodge Nitro and left it in gear. It started rolling so I stepped in front of it and stopped and held it until someone got in it and hit the brake. It resulted in a torn right calf and ham strain. You can still see a tennis ball sized dent in my calf.

I drove a golf cart into a tree branch and nearly broke my jaw. The branch basically got pushed forward by the windshield of the cart, then whipped into my face. required stitches, but would have been much worse if it had hit a few inches higher. Could have lost an eye. Worst sports injury I ever sustained, lol. Not many people can say that about a round of golf.

In the gym, I feel like all my injuries have been really stupid. They’re generally over-use injuries. Like, I know they’re coming, I can feel them, and I don’t do anything to stop it. I always seem to have plenty of warning, and I continue to do things stupidly until I can’t anymore. Most recently I slipped my SI joint. Suffered an immense amount of pain. This happened while deadlifting. I had at least 2 previous sets where my body was warning me to fucking stop. I could feel something was way wrong. But I was like, fuck it, keep lifting!!! Worst pain I’ve ever felt in my life.

I almost lost my cornea by taking out my contact lens after sleeping in it the night before. Had to wear a bandage contact lens for a few days, and took 2 weeks of drops/treatments to get it back to normal.

And I chipped a tooth on a quest bar once.

At least the second one is sorta gym related.

Tweaked my low back real good by picking up some paper that fell on the floor. Wasnt aware I should be bracing like I’m deadlifting lol, gettin old :slightly_smiling:

Two days ago I got the dumbest injury I have ever had. I have been adding 25 pull-ups to the end of every workout. Finished my workout, jumped up to the bar, cranked out the first pull up and something “popped” in my left hand palm. Today, I cannot make a fist because of the swelling and my palm is black, and the back of my knuckles is black and red. At least I can still move my fingers. Having hand problems is not good in my line of work. Damn, so fucking weird.

Me and my friend were doing banded box squats. the bands were attached to the squat rack and it was a squat rack where you have to walk the weight out a few steps. The band added a lot of tension at the top. Then I got to my heaviest set of the day, I unracked the bar and started to walk the way out. The bands were so strong they started to pull up the end of the rack causing the front of the rack to crush into the mirror it was facing. My friend, as a panic reaction, pressed down the end of the rack, causing the weight to press with extreme force on my back and actually behind me. So the bar rolled off my back, bending my wrists so bad back that I hurt them.

All in all we were very lucky. Miraculously the mirror did not break and I did not occur any injury other than hand/ wrist pain for a few weeks. We also were not thrown out ouf the gym. This was really stupid and in retrospective very funnny :smiley:

I’ve screwed up my SI joint pretty bad by pushing a deadlift set way too hard. Like a dumbass, I went on to do GMs and BB rows.

It took 6 months before my squat was back to pre-injury numbers and 9 months for my DL to get back to normal.

That happened in December 09. I still get pain or discomfort to a small degree today and have to pop it back into place on occasion. Sometimes its easy to do and sometimes it takes a bit more work and it gets sore and inflamed after popping it back. But it still continues to very slowly get better and better. Fewer flare ups and less pain/discomfort when it does happen.

Decided to cross a skating field ‘because it was faster’. Ended up with a fractured neck followed by one of the most painful arrhythmia whatevers I have ever had.

Couple years ago, before UPA Nationals, we decided to clean our gym. A 100# plate landed on and broke my big toe. Competed and PRd squat and DL 2 weeks later.

was walking in the gym bathroom and heard someone say to a soaking wet guy walking aroundl “you shouldn’t be leaving water on the floor” as I proceeded to slip and fall… on the wet floor, falling straight onto my back and couldn’t bend over for 2 weeks.

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