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Stupid Freshman


so i was walking past the training room at my school after i good lift, and the trainer was looking at this kids hands and the kids like what are these?(pointing at his calluses) and the trainer goes you have cancer. the kids starts going crazy and the trainers like those are calluses. funniest moment of my life


I went down to the beach and saw Kiki
She was, like, all "ehhhh"
And I was, like, "whatever!"


Lmfao,your kidding right? Even back in middle school,kids that started lifting weights then knew what it was. I remeber the other week a freshmen (possibly a sophmore) stare at a Dipstand for awhile. My friend came up to him and asked him waht was wrong,after he told him he laughed his ass off and and ran over to me to tell me whats up;The poor kid was trying to figure out what to do on it.


A kid who just starting lifting is laughed at for not knowing what a piece of equipment is used for. Fucking hilarious!


OMG! Im a sophomore and theyre freshman! Im a year older than them! Im so SUPERIOR!


And this one time, at band camp, I stuck a flute up my pussy.



I can deadlift 5 lbs more than you, which makes me cooler.


The next time I have meat and mashed potatoes, I think I'll put a very large blob of potatoes on my plate with just a little piece of meat. And if someone asks me why I didn't get more meat, I'll just say, "Oh, you mean this?" and pull out a big piece of meat from inside the blob of potatoes, where I've hidden it. Good magic trick, huh?


That's a great story.


to the OP,
Never write or even say
He was like
and he goes.

You lose credibility the instant you write or talk like this.


cool story Hansel


High school is such an odd time.

Stupid high school kids.


Like, ohhh-my-god! Like, I had the same problem the other day! Ughhh! So anyway, like, I was lifting and like, Cindy came over and was totally messing up my routine! And I was like "Umm" and she was like "Hmm" and I was like "ugh!" You know?


what - everrrr


My thoughts exactly


Seriously, I think we need a minimum posting age around here.