Stupid Fish Oil Question

OK, I probably deserve all the flaming I’ll receive, but I need to make sure about this one. It’s been said that we need 6 grams of EPA/DHA in our diets. So I have these caps that have 340 mg EPA and 260 mg DHA each. Do I need 6 grams EACH of EPA and DHA (thus a whole crapload of caps?) or 6 grams COMBINED (so 10 caps of the above mixture to get my 6 grams)? Thanks in advance, and sorry for the stupid question, but I want to make sure I’m “on track” with the new supplement regimen.

that would be COMBINED…i wont flame ya…haha

Thanks, Tony. Now quickly, moderator- take this thread down so evidence of my stupidity will not exist in cyberspace forever! :wink:


We’ve seen far more interesting questions than that which you just brought up.

However, I’d like to take advantage of the topic at hand to raise a separate but related issue.

While it is important to increase the amount of omega-3s in our diet (particularly from concentrated fish oils or fatty fish), I feel that many often overlook the benefits of other unstaturated fats (namely monos) in their quest to follow general guidelines.

Is getting 6g of EPA/DHA daily necessary for everyone? One of the primary goals of supplementing with n-3s is to decrease the ratio of omega-6s to 3s.

Basically my point is this, you should not completely ignore the extreme health benefits of monounsaturated fats (i.e. extra virgin olive oil) and exclusively add fish oils to your diet to meet your dietary fat needs/goals.


where exactly did you find those fish oil caps? and secondly are they price worthy or overpriced like the other ultra fortified caps?

mine are only 120/180 in liquid kind from health from the sun!

Da Boxer

Glad to see that this potentially stupid question has provoked some nice responses. Timbo, thanks for the heads up on the 3’s- I definitely have those covered through the copious amounts of olive oil I cram down my throat with all the salad I’ve been eating.

Al, the brand is called “Kirkland”, and I think its a private label that sells exclusively at Costco, which is where I picked it up. I should say the wife picked it up for me, so I can’t say the exact cost, but I know it was pretty reasonable- 24.99 maybe, for like 360 caps. And I did misspeak in my post- that amount is per 2 caps if I remember correctly…


I think you have that wrong…The fishcaps I get at Costco are like $6-7 for 300 caps. Also if you look at the bottle its 360/240 per 2 (TWO) softgels.



point taken. You are really hammering home the monos. I’m buying some oilve oil tonite!

I hear ya Timbo…you would be proud of me, I have been using Olive oil for the past few months now, adding it to tuna. How ya like dem apples…;o)

Tigre, I like apples quite well, thank you very much. I’m actually quite fond of Fuji and Gala. Just bustin ya! Great work on the monos. Nuts and nut butters are a tasty alternative. Just don’t eat the whole can/jar in one day like some other gentlemen that go by the name that begins with “T” and ends with “o” do.

GD, just make sure you’re getting extra virgin.

Yeah, Greeks got that right. So, if you’re going for 6 g EPA/DHA, you need to take 20. I know because I cram the 20 down every night.