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Ok, so now it’s your turn to bash girls’ fashion trends that look ridiculous.

I’ll start with asian girls with 100% asian ancestry putting blonde streaks in their hair, green contact lenses, heavy MAC cosmetics, and telling everyone they’re caucasian (this is a lot of a Hawaii thing, I hope you guys can relate). It’s all kinda scary looking to me. It’s even scarier looking when they dye their hair platinum blonde.

Wearing clothes.

Sooo stupid.

I hate women that are still stuck in the 80’s. There’s a woman in one of my night classes that has the big hair with the bangs sticking up. She looks like she’s going to a Def Leppard concert.

Forgot one. I can’t stand fat chicks who wear little shirts that show off their belly button. What the hell are they thinking? Do they actually think they look good.

Fat chicks with belly rings.

Thumper! LMAO! ahem I concur.

Girls with tilted Von Dutch hats or other trucker hats.

I don’t like girls in hats.

Other than that, I think chics have a lot going for them, low rise jeans, showing thongs, etc…

Fitting into the clothing you try to wear is very important, like others mentioned.

The whole poncho thing is out of control.

I, for one, hate seeing girls wearing those damn huck finn mid calf pants. I don’t know why, but they just look goofy to me. I also can’t stand when a woman drastically changes her hair style, it just isn’t right to go from shoulder length to 2 inches long in the span of about 15 minutes.

Hey TCB there called capris bro!

In general I don’t like those jeans girls wear that have no pockets on the butt and a slight v near the top. Unless she has a perfect ass it usually looks like a block of lumpy clay before it was sculpted. Overalls, also not a good look for chicks. tight ass jeans with a little belly trying to escape over the front, if you gain weight get bigger jeans! I hate that fashion trend where hot chicks somehow forget how to maintain there hotness and put on just enough adipose to go from, “Damn!” to “Damn?! what the fuck happened?!”

With all of this talk…why didnt someone just put “fat chicks” in general. LOL. Ive seen alot more guys wearing Von Dutch trucker hats in my area than girls…that pisses me off even more! I am tired of the guy with the frosted spiked hair that wears all abercrombie crap look too! (Thats another post) What about that stupid Christina Aguilera sideways hat wearing trend??? WTF is up with that? GRRRRRR

Umm… how about the freshman 15 destroying all the hot college freshmen?

It’s fall, you just received a fresh new crop of hot young girls and you’re walking to your Biochem class and you look across the way to the education building and you see this brunette… 5’6" 130 big chest, perfect @$$, sexy flat stomach, and a face of fame… You really want to holler at that fine piece of meat, but you want to show up on time to your first day or Biochem class b/c being late on the first day isn’t going to make a great impression with the professor.

Days, weeks, and even months pass by. You arrive to class 15 minutes early everyday after that just so you can find that brunette and talk to her. Unfortunately, you’re unable to find her going to class, until…

Your buddy invites you to a delta gamma (sorostitutes, we call em…haha) party one Friday night now that the semester is finally over. You arrive around midnight packing 15 people deep with a bottle of Bacardi 151 in one hand and 2 4 packs of Sparks in the other hand. Just before you begin to find your buzz…

There she is, that same brunette… This time, wearing some skimpy cheerleading shorts and a haulter top and COMPLETELY wasted and slurring everything she’s saying… WOW… she is FUCKING DISGUSTING!! The fat on her stomach looks like it’s spilling out of her shorts, the cottage cheese on her legs could surely thicken up a month’s worth of protein shakes, and her face looks like someone put it on fire with a blowtorch and put the fire out with a baseball bat…

And that, my friends, is the “Freshman 15.”

T-Matt…what about those “Freshman 15” girls…that are more like Freshman 30? I came across phone calls and went out with 2 women from high school 5 years ago that were hot back then and I would have loved to go out with. I went out with both of them and they both looked more like the freshman 30 had set in. I now refuse to date a girl I knew from back in high school unless she was ugly back then.

Yeah, Fat chicks in tiny clothes = unhappy Dave. But what gets me is the sweatpants, they show off nothing and make it look like they are comlete slobs. Sure around the house its a comfort thing, but if you are going out, try to look like you have legs.

Also velour (sp) jumpsuits, sure they are tighter (which isn’t always a good thing) but they are the same from the ankles to the neck, it makes girls look like they are skiiers (toque matches goggles which matches the coat, and pants and boots and skiis, etc) I like at least a little bit of a change.


Baggy ass sweats and a ratty-t on a hot frame, in the hot weather, when I should be seeing that ASSS.

I gotta pick on the fat chicks again… At my uni. I see way too many of them with those low rise jeans, and small lace thongs shoved way up their ass cracks. Chicks who are 30 pounds overweight should not be wearing that…

Bonez, I disagree. 30 lbs mmmaybe, 50 lbs un-uh.

girls wearing plad and overalls

chicks that have fats hips spilling over their jeans and their tops are too short to cover that unsightly bit of flesh, ughhhhh!!!

funny thing is…

bet some of you guys aren’t real lookers yourselves :wink: