stupid fashion trend

I have noticed something about guys fashion that is really starting to get on my nerves. Why is it that guys are starting to roll their collars up when they wear polo shirts? I’ve seen a lot of guys around campus, Okla. U., and I just really want to ask them if they think its cool or what. I’ve even had friends who are girls that ask me about that. Any of you noticed this?

New trend? That’s retro from the 80s.

it is just a small part of the feminization of american men!

maybe its a gang thing. Preppies por vida, homes!

I’ve been doing that for years

It’s a New England preppie thing. People have been doing it ever since there were polo shirts.

collar up bitches

Well, I remember it from the 80’s, I even did it when I was five years old. Now, it just looks stupid. I have noticed that it is all frat boys that do it, no offense to any frat boys here that have a personality.

I do it to avoid burning my neck in the sun…


“The poster formerly known as Stubob”

We have a guy at work who does that.

He gets all insulted when we call him Elvis.

Must be kind of irritating when you try to look trendy and are constantly reminded you, down the line, just retro.

Ha! :0)

“it is just a small part of the feminization of american men!”

How is that feminine? It may be stupid or it may be totally insignificant, but it isn’t feminine.

Did you ever consider to stop whining about this feminization at every single turn, and every single thing someone does differently than you?
I strain to think of a bigger whiner than you. The pussification is a real problem, but stop being such a paranoid idiot about it.

/Jacob (who wears his collars down - like a man)

This is just another identity thing between the Greazers and the Soc’s

If a guy wears his collar up, he’s just trying to tell everone else that he’s preppy. Is preppy bad? I don’t think so. Would I ever wear a collar up on a polo? Wearing Polo’s regularly just isn’t who I am. I pay attention to what I look like, though, from the color flipflops to the ballcap to the color of the belt on my semi-designer baggy jeans, I’m spending a certain amount of time coordinating what I wear, just in a different way.

I’m all about comfort when I’m not in uniform, and having a collar tickling the back of my neck all day just doesn’t sound comfortable to me.

<~~patting myself on the back for the “Outsiders” analogy…


Nothing wrong with poppin colla’s, bitches, and dolla’s. BTW I just wear whatever I look good in. For example, I like my jeans to be “fairly” snug.

  1. It shows off my fine specimen of an ass.

  2. It gives a nice package profile.

No some (like p-dog) will call this metro, and that’s fine. Other trends, like Von Douchebag truckers hats don’t appeal to me.

You are in Oklahoma, right?

'Nuf said…

I have to do that sometimes for the simple fact that it is very hard to find shirts with sleeves long enough to fit my ape arms.

mitchg you’re talking about rolling up the cuffs/sleeves, this is different.

if my collars popped on a light colored polo shirt it makes my traps stand out a bit more


Your in Kansas right? Nuf said!


Sorry misread original post!

It is also very European. Unless you wish to be viewed as a 80’s retro preppied I wouldn’t do it. If thats the look you dig then by all means have it.

eeeeek. Lead, don’t follow. Honor your testicles, not your metrosexual intentions. If collars weren’t meant to be folded, they wouldnt be there. The mullet made a fashion retouch down, what is next? Grunge clothes?