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Stupid Equipment

I was going through my attic today and I came across the Health Rider that I bought about 5 years ago. For those of you that don’t know what it is, its kind of like a stationary bike, except you push with your arms and feet and end up looking like you are trying to hump your ceiling. But anyway, it got me wondering what stupid things other people out there bought before they knew better. Anyone brave enough to admit it?

i have an eight year old can of METABOL laying around somewhere, boy was that shit nasty!

I bought HMB! ;-(

I actually bout a box of Cybergenics!! Som other stupid things I bought were Joe Weider Magazines, Those stupid calf training shoes that look like highheels with the heel on the wrong side, Boron :), Neurogain, hell, the list goes on ad on and in two years I’ll probably say that some of the stuff I still buy today was stupid. I also had lifting belts of all shapes colors and sizes… funny shit, man.

How about this one? I sold Healthriders for a while. I was working two jobs in between school semesters, and one of my jobs was selling those things in the mall. I hated telling people that it work well because I knew that they should have been hitting the weights. But for someone who is much older and inactive, any type of activity will help. But it sure was a waste of $200+!!! I’m not proud of what I did, but it paid well. And I did encourage people to take up other activities.

And I have bought HMB…one bottle, and then I decided it was too expensive for no results. And yes, I tried Neurogain too. I finally threw it out a year or two later because it didn’t do jack shit!