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Stupid, Dangerous or Hilarious? Please Vote


Have you ever seen anything more stupid, dangerous and hilarious at the same time?

The stupidity of Man is a well : some hit the bottom and ask for a shovel to keep digging.



He probably could make a circus act and make some money.


Yep. But only if he loses the blue guy behind him.


It's useless, but I don't know anyone that can do it.


That's pretty damn impressive. I don't know anyone that can even stand on a swiss ball much less do squats with 135 lbs while standing on a swiss ball.

I don't think he's accomplishing anything with that task but it's impressive none the less.


He's becoming more functional.


Finding a small farm animal and teaching it do the Macarena through rush hour traffic while eating a banana is impressive as well but it doesn't make it any less stupid.


Yes. We all laugh at him, but if he ever has to jump on a bulbous, semi-yielding object with a 135 pound load on his back, and you KNOW that this is inevitable....HE'LL have the last laugh!


Hahaha... Didn't expect that. Was beginning to think that I was the only one finding this absurd... Thanks Professor X!


I'd like to see a video of how is got off the ball without breaking himself.


Is that Tom Cruise? If so, it makes perfect sense.



Agreed. A video of him getting up there and back down would likely be quite amusing.


Yes it is stupid, but think of how long he probably trained to be able to do that. I bet he trained for years just for that moment. That's just a testament to hard work and dedication.



The part I find most hilarious is that there is a very good chance he PAID the guy behind him for training guidance, and that the trainer has likely earned income from other people for advising them to do the same ridiculous exercise.


yeah, Swiss-ball sumo stance deadlifts.




Hell, I'd like to see how he got on it also.


The most likely outcome is he'll fall forward and faceplant into the mat with the barbell coming down with him and cracking his head like an eggshell.

Oh well, it's not like he's using it anyway......


they make flat bottomed bosu balls.. good chance that is one


that's enough stupid for the day.