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stupid cuts

tren, equi, masterone,winny tabs, halotestin,

220 6’1 and ready to cut up. any suggestions on how to cycle the above. i have never combined this much gear but would like some feed back on dosing and cycling ideas. just curious if any one has tried this combination???

quite honestly i dont see the point in running 5 chemicals. forget how they will react together. for me a solid cutting cycle would be as simple as tren/winny at 75-100mgs/ed each, for 6 weeks. clomid post. cut carbs. increase cardio and i am there.

I have experimented with all of the above for the exception of tren and halotestin. Also never have combined equi with the above only with test. Anyway thanks for your opinion. Also, as far as all the chemicals I consider myself a lab rat regardless of what chemical tickles your pickle???

P.S. just like alot of us HMMMMMMMM