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Stupid Clothing Companies


Brief rant. Clothes makers are NOT muscle friendly! I had an AWFUL time getting a tux for my sisters's wedding. I'm 5'7, high 170s, around 10% bodyfat right now, I'd say. Not big but not small either.

Apparently, those who conspire to make tuxes do not think shorter people with broad shoulders, biggish arms, a small waist, and wide legs exist. Finally, I found something that should look really good with some alterations. But man, it took some work.


With the rampant obesity all over north America, the best you can usually come up with is ok for arms/legs, but with a waist to boot. shopping is a real bummer these days. I feel for you, man.

Now go get buy some fatso clothes! :stuck_out_tongue:


Exactly. Why I have a good tailor. I usually need to get most of my nice clothes altered-waist taken in and sleeves/pants shortened-to look decent as opposed to retarded. Lol


Athletic cuts in suits and formal wear can also work great. They just happen to usually be long too. And I'm not tall. Sometimes there'll be an athletic cut regular, and I'll snap it up.


You haven't seen anything. I couldn't even raise my hand to hand my cousin his ring at his wedding because the tux was too small. Any fast movements would have ripped the seams in the back. I was only about 210lbs at the time. I doubt I could find one to fit at all now.


You think you have it bad? I'm betting any guy here over 6'3" with broad shoulders and relatively narrow waists have a tough time finding dress shirts and jackets that fit just right. Why do these people assume that every tall guy who wears a XXL jacket has a huge belly?


hehe. Gotta go custom-made I guess


Look into athletic cuts. They're the best bet. They don't seem to make many except in long-good for tall guys.


Yes, the clothing companies are all catering to their "biggest" market these days. I can't find athletic cuts anymore. I bought my last sport coat off the rack and to get a 48" chest the waist was too wide to alter properly. It seems the most tapered drops (chest size to waist size) these days are only 10 inches.

Of course, looking around, most men (and women) are alot larger in the waist than the chest so I guess we'll just have to pay for custom tailoring. If anyone knows of a good source for fitted shirts please share!


I have to wear suits for work, and I've found out the hard way that custom made is the only thing that's possible for me, and I've even had some horrible experiences with THAT, so finding a really GOOD custom tailor is no picnic either. Not to mention that you end up spending more than the GDP of Poland on your damn wardrobe, just so you can go to work!


I feel for you on that, I'm 6'4" 260lbs i have no tailor to go to my "good cloths" look like shit on me the shoulders and arms are very restictive the waist is huge the pants have that loaded diaper look going on and my jacket I could fit someone else in and fasten around them. being big is cool but trying to be stylen is almost impossible.


My solution was finding a tailor who understood my needs in a Men's Wearhouse.

Their stuff isn't cheap, but it's worth it when you can feel comfortable in work clothes. I've recently made the transition from a uniformed service where none of my shit ever felt comfortable to a position where my civvies feel great. It's a huge difference, being comfortable in your clothes.

The tailor who helped me out wore all purple, was in his 50's, and consistently referenced my package as to how a pair of pants fit...

"See those are good in the waist but I can see your balls..."

I felt like I was being eye-fucked through the whole process but in the end he set me up pretty well, including color combinations with shirts and ties...

Keep in mind, though, if you're a big dude, especially in the shoulders and chest and thighs, you're going to have a more limited selection in brands, colors and type of fit.

In short, search for a good tailor, don't buy off the rack unless you're just shopping for t-shirts and jeans. By no means am I recommending Mens Wearhouse, that's just where I found my stuff...



Loaded diaper pants, LOL! So true...


I don't even have a very large hip to shoulder ratio, and I still have to take in the sides of all my dress shirts to get them to stop that ballooning shit. even the ones listed as fitted.
I hate guys clothes. Rock a kilt with the tuxes, eliminate the pants issue entirely. Chicks crawl all over you, even when it's just with a tee shirt and boots at the bar. I get molested like crazy. Fun stuff.


More shopping for the wedding today. Or rather the rehearsal dinner. I was at a really high-end store in Phila. called Boyds. I needed a sports jacket and not a suit. But the tailor there told me that they'll swap the pants from a smaller size of the same suit for athletic men to go with the needed jacket size. Alterations may still be needed for those with big legs but less-so and the waist should fit better as well as the overall cut. He said this is very common for some of the Eagles who shop there.


Try being a woman with broad shoulders, big boobs and long arms. Anything that fits will make you look like a whore or like a circus tent :wink:


jsbrook, try this tux:


Geek boy


True. My hunny is 6'6" and 295#, small waist, really broad shoulders, full buns, shirt size XXXL...not the typical body build. Trying to find a tux in Hawaii, land of the small people (lots of us Asians), he was hard pressed. In the rental shop, only one style fit and it was out of style and taaaacky. To buy one that fit was in the thousands, and even then few style choices. Every tux that actually fit the shoulders and his height had a too big belly that was way loose...he looked like one great, big, huge little boy.

Maybe this will help other muscular guys...Nordstrom Rack and those kinds of outlets is where he finds suits that fit, but not often. There you can buy the pieces separately, and because they're an outlet, they have weird lengths and sizes, and will do alterations for low or no cost, and tend to be helpful.


A) Kilts are HOT

B) http://rheingoldfashions.com

C) Like BlueScorp mentioned, you guys aren't the only ones with issues finding off the rack clothes. How about being 5'2", 36DD and a size 4 pant with a 31" inseam? The only way to get a suit to fit (other than custom) is to buy a size 12 jacket and a 4 pant and have both tailored. Results still aren't anywhere near as good as custom, though.


haha. Thanks, geekboy.