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Stupid Beginner Numbers


A buddy of mine has been lifting with me for the past 2 months. He is a college hockey player and is naturally built to lift; long torso short limbs probably 5' 7"ish and weighs 205lbs.

I had him deadlift for the second time ever today and he puts up the following;
315x5,365x5,385x3. And with pretty great form. No rounding of the back and the only thing he is missing is finishing fully with his hips at the lockout.

I think thats pretty sick for the 2nd time every deadlifting. Im trying to get him to take lifting seriously but hes a hard sell. These are the rest of his best numbers so far and hes been lifting less than 2 months. Just wondering if these kind of beginner numbers are worth taking note of?

(less than 2 months training)
Squat: 275x3 Parallel (not atg)
Bench: 205x3
Standing Overhead Press: 135x6
Deadlift: 365x5, 385x3


his deadlift seems pretty extraordinary but otherwise these aren't too amazing numbers. They are great, but nothing TOO great. Assuming one starts training ideally from day 1 they can make this progress in 2 months.

If he's not sold by his progress then I don't think much else will. That's what got me hooked in the first place. Getting stronger.


hmmm...well i'm quite impressed.


2 months?

my first time in a gym i couldnt even squat close to parrallel, let alone military press 20kg (weight of bb).

i think they are VERY impressive numbers for a first time. he will be incredible within 12 months of lifting :slight_smile:


the only thing he is missing is finishing fully with his hips at the lockout.

so you mean he can't actually do it, then.


I have no idea how you can find the lockout of deadlift hard lol it's always the lifting the weight up from the ground what is hard. I can really feel it in my lower back. Is this a sign of a weak lower back and how can I strenghten it? And well those are some pretty impressive lifts for 2 months of training, but he started off at 200 lbs? Wow he's either very fat or genetically gifted