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Stupid-Ass Regina People

Okay firs toff I will apologize, because the off-topic section has been going good with sports and other topics with no real complaints and what-not.
But I am going to ruin that because I need to rant and everybody I know is busy.
So today is one of the first good warmish days this city has seen in a while, all the snow is gone and the grass is a healthy shade of brownish green. So I decide it is a good time to go and play some sort of outdoor activity, football, frisbee, basketball… something along those lines. All of my friends are lazy bastards and won’t come play, or have to work.
So I figure I will just go and shoot some hoops by myself, try to pick up a little of the skills that have been so dormant over the last 9 months of winter. So I set out walking with my new basketball to find a place with some hoops.
Two parks and two high schools later, still no hoops. What kind of a dumb city doesn’t have hoops in a park? they have a skateboard park, but can’t put up one lousy backboard and rim.

So I give up my quest for basketball and make the journey home. Along the way, my basketball bounces off a rock and rolls into the street, traffic is coming so I don’t run out and get it. It rolls in front of a woman’s car and she has ample amount of time to stop instead she slows down, looks at the ball, then at me and commences to run over the basketball. Now I know that she could have stopped because after the ball was under her car, thats exactly what she did.
She stopped on the ball, looked at me and then drove away. I was left to fetch a now deflated ball.

Admittedly this could have been avoided had I not been bouncing the ball on our gravel infested sidewalks, or if I had known that this was a city devoid of hoops.

So yeah, one sucky day… but hey, at least it was boring.


fuck her!

haha, yea we have stupid people like that all over. Sometimes people are so stupid ignorant selfish and lazy.

I remember once when i was on crutches, itd take me like 15 mins to move 20meters and up some stairs, when it usually took a minute or so. Well i was walking out of the building and they had 2 sets of doors. And on crutches its sorta hard and im struggle trying to hobble, grab the door dont fall and try to open it.
This guy inside the 1st set of doors is on his cell phone watches me as im almost falling and struggling and barely staying up and just looks away and keeps talking.

so i make it through the 1st set and now im in the same ‘room’ as him and 1 more set of doors to get outside, and he just watches me struggle even more.
what morons. so selfish.

whenever i see people on crutches. i feel so bad i try to help them whenever i can.

stay out of toronto then. its just me, me, me attitude.


What an ignorant bitch!

I’ll bet that made her fucking week, though.

Don’t worry man, what goes around comes around…here’s hopin someone smokes her car in the parking lot and takes off.

you should have picked it up and threw it through her window!

I can at least identify with you on the lazy friends bit…I bought a football this year to maybe learn a new sport and get outside a little bit before it gets too hot. Of course, all my friends want to do is play playstation.

Is it too much to ask that they humour me and get outside for even 30 minutes to throw a ball around?

Apparently, yes.

I was ruined for life by some redneck that did something similar. One day I was outside playing around with my pull-cord Evil Kneivel chopper with a jump ramp when some asshole in a truck saw me launch it and then ran it over. Luckily back in those days toys were actually built to last and it actually didn’t do much to it other than slightly shear one of the pegs down. Fucker redneck. If I ever see that motherfucker I’m going to pummel him and remind him about the tragedy of that fateful day some 25 years ago.