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Stupak To Retire


Like a good little hooker, he takes your wallet and leaves while you are sleeping.


"Stupak told The Associated Press that attacks on him for his role in the abortion debate did not influence his decision and he could win re-election if he tried."

So why is he leaving. I guess we will have to wait for the press conference.


Maybe he got an Executive Order.


I would have preferred that he resign.


It seems to be unfavorable news to me, because now a Democrat who never voted for the bill will be the party's candidate for November.

Stupak would have had his ass waxed: that may not be true for whoever wins the Democratic primary.


I would prefer him to get voted out.


He would have got crushed in November. The man is a fool if he believes his own BS.


This always crosses my mind when there's a key retirement like this.


Whoever comes out running saying they will repeal the bill either democrat or republican will win his seat.


I'm really worried about him; I mean what is "no baby left alive" Stupak gonna do now?

Oh, wait....

                ....he's prolly getting rewarded with a nice little set up, like a high profile appointment.


That is just...damn.

IMO I think he finally realized what he has done. Sold his character, and the only way to save what is left is to leave office.


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I think he knew exactly what he was doing. He's been a Rep for a long time, knows the ropes, and knew very well that the Executive Order would carry very little weight going forward.

It's possible he was forced to vote the way he did via some sort of blackmailing - it's happened before after all.

Or, he decided that finally getting a healthcare bill was more important than protecting the unborn. Does anyone detect the faint whiff of sulfur?

I think it's pretty likely.


He HAS wanted even very big government healthcare for a long time. If I had to guess, which is all this is, I'd say he rationalized the whole thing in his mind to allow himself to vote yes. I also think he may regret it. I further do not see Stupak as a political tough guy like, say Reid or Pelosi or even Schumer. He is no campaign warrior and hasn't had to be. In short, the confluence of feeling a bit guilty and not relishing the upcoming fight, which would be barbaric, has killed his motivation.