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Stunted Growth


i am 18 years old, just turned 18 a week ago im on my third week of deca, on week 1 i took 50mg on week 2 i took 50mg on week three i took 150mg, i know this isnt much to really do anything, but id rather be safe, i have a bottle of BD primobol 100 if i stacked it with the deca and took 100 mg of each for another 4 or 5 weeks would i stunt my growth, the doc says im not done growing,

Thanks for the comments DOES PRIMO STUNT GROWTH PLATES?????????
appreciate it,


Deca is a modified estrogen. Estrogen is what closes the growth plates on your bones.

Primobloan is a modified DHT so it's not estrogenic and it can't convert.

If you aren't very tall you will miss the height when you are 30 a lot more than you'll be glad you had some size when you were 18.


You are 18, and have no business doing what you are doing. Good luck with Deca dick.


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Why... oh why do we let teenagers post shit like this???

Buddy you are stupid as shit. Think about this later when you feel like total shit, and you can't get it up as an 18 or 19 year old. That'll sure impress the ladies.

Enjoy the HRT shots for the rest of your life pal.


It blows my mind totally how off these posts are. Doesn't any 18 year old male KNOW that he can get a TON bigger then he is just be eating and lifting weights? No, it isn't easy and it doesn't come overnight but it WORKS if you do.



No, I didn't believe it either. That would be too hard to do right? Lift hard and eat a lot...what a crock of shit! Don't you know kids want it all and want it right now?

We were all dumb asses at one point or another.

Welcome to what is turning into Teen Nation guys.


I salute you Capt. Dumb Shit!

Welcome to the ranks of physiquesless wanders getting in my way at the gym hogging the Bench Press stations and Curl Bars as that is all most of you idiots use.

Keep going the way you are going and we can send you a Bon Voyage party on your way to shriveled testicles and back acne.

Am I being harsh abso-fucking -lutely! so get over it numbnutz.

People got to start telling it like it is or another set of parents will be burying their dumb ass kid for trying to be one of the big boys.

If you would have come here simply asking about it then fine we all dreamed of the magic pill when we were young but if you are plain stupid enough to have dived in head first then you deserve everything i'm saying.

Just like every othet pimply after school bench press club member you will without a doubt.

  1. Not eat properly
  2. Not sleep enough
  3. Not train heavy or basic enough
  4. Pose in the mirror
  5. wear thos absurdly long shorts
  6. get pissed off and challenge someone to a fight.
  7. hit your girlfreind
  8. punish your liver with alcohol on top of all the juice you are taking
  9. start cutting in a few months yeah a cycle or two and you are surely ready for the Nationals.

Well I could go on but whats the use you know everything right?

You know how to get your nutz back working after they shut down from your whacked out cycle right?

You make enough money to have new sterile needles and additional pharmaceuticals to complete a cycle and post cycle right?

You make enough money to eat the massive amount of clean calories to facilitate the growth right?

You have enough money to get the blood tests and liver enzymes done right?

You have a phycian that is working with you monotoring all this stuff right?

You have your excuse lined up for your girlfriend/boyfriend why you can't get your dick hard right?

You can explain the acne?

The temper?

The stunted growth and blood filled cysts, right?

What about the questioning from the ER doc and the detectives he calls when he asks you where you got the shit that caused the massive abcess in your ass that may cost you your leg, right?

Starting to get the picture?

Probably not but if you are 18 and if you haven't permanantly done anything to your self tell the dealer to fuck off.

Start eating, sleeping training Big you natural hormone production onece its back on line will give you more than you imagine.

Good Luck!


Wow. And I though I was the only guy that cared....


Guess what: All the shit you mentioned can happen to anyone who takes roids. So it's redundant to mention it in this thread. This 18-year-old man simply wants to know if he has to worry about his growth plates closing. Personally, I would say no, but I'm not an expert on the subject.


You're right about that but do you think this kid knew that before he started this "cycle"? I think not. Now he does and I hope he realize his stupidity doing this dumbass "cycle".



You know, that entire rant should be preserved, turned into a poster, and put up in every high school gym.


It's so unfortunate....a year ago I thought I knew what there was to know about AAS.

In reality all I knew was they were hormones and you needed to cycle them and have PCT lined up.

Unfortunatly, thats more than this kid probably knows.

What i'd suggest to you is start searching these terms


You need to get something on hand ASAP to re-start your suppressed hormones. And hope to god that you can get back your pre-deca teenaged levels.


Unfortunately, he is absent from the thread now. How can we measure his thoughts at this point?

PCT is the only thing this kid should be thinking about now.

Sides come and go...for people of age. This kids sides could last a lifetime.

To the teen impaired mind:

(That means your dick wont work and all the stuff bodyguard said could happen for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.).


I'm seriously going to have to consider leaving or not posting here much at ALL anymore if this bullshit continues. Hey kid you should seriously be banned for this. But I'll attempt to help you so either take my advice or just keep on RUINNING this lifestyle that many of us have come to know and love. You clearly have no respect for it in the first place otherwise you wouldn't have done what you did.

To late now though, but there is an upside. Your dosage is very low so stopping right now wouldn't be a terrible idea. Deca is a horrible choice for numerous reasons besides the glaringly obvious one (your age). DROP IT PRONTO. If you can get nolvadex for you pct then get it, if you put in a tiny bit of effort and use the search engine you'll find some "research chemical" companies that should help you.

On top of that I'd suggest taking something like tribb, fenugreek, potency wood, or another otc test booster. Sell the rest of your gear (yeah yeah I'm telling him to sell drugs, the government does it all the time so STF up if anyone reading doesn't like it) take the money and pay for your next 3-4 months worth of food, and maybe some basic supps.

Put up another post on the building a better body forum posting all your stats ie. weight, height, bdyft%, you measurements (not you wang, waist, arms, chest, quads) your diet and your training. Then everyone can help you, it a good site bro and very helpful. Use the search engine and educate yourself. I've never asked to have anyone banned over the years I've been here, however this type of bullshit has be seriously thinking about it. And I'm the last one to be a whistle blower.


I am at a loss for words. For these reasons we now have a hard time obtaining aas. I hurt for you man! Your ignorance and lack of discipline will make you pay dearly for the rest of your life.Flameing will do you no good and it will be a monumental waste of my time.Stop now if you haven't yet.



Don't do it Wide, this board would be a sadder place without you.


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SSSHHH! I was being overdramatic, us Jersy boys love the drama. AR will tell ya :wink:


Wonder where the idiot that started this thread went?