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Stunted Growth?

Yes. I’m way wider after gaining 40 lbs.

there’s always surgery, thank god.


Damn you…now im having flash backs on that damn thread!


I know that this might sound stupid but can i get on juice if i’m done growing?

Orange juice? Apple juice? Which one man


Green apple juice haha

That does sound stupid.


yea, it is stupid. Quit being an impatient teenager.

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I know … Thanks for the replies.

But you have admit, it was hilarious!

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Guys, i have a hard time gaining weight. I’ve been stuck at 165 for months. Are commercial fruit juices good for bulking up (calorie wise)? They don’t fill me up and i can get a lot of calories in no time. Thanks in advance.

Lol. Just lol. Eat more dude.

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No, just make shakes if you have trouble eating. Or just add 1T of peanut butter to each meal.


I’ve started eating more and i’ve gained some weight but i have a question.
I’ve increased my fat intake to 100 grams per day. Am i going to gain a lot of fat?

There’s more to fat gain than how much fat you’re consuming - so no way to tell you with so little information.

We can say that you can have 100g (or more) of fat in your diet and keep your fat levels down - no problems there.

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Eating fat does not result in gaining fat. That is a very old dietary myth.


Thanks. I’m on a slow bulk to minimize far gains. I consume 200 extra calories.