Stumped on Training Routine

Hey guys, i have just had a few weeks off training. i just recently shredded some fat staying the same weight 75 kg, i didn’t need to but i made a bet with my mates that i could get a six pack in 6 weeks from about 19% body fat, so i stuck it to them and i got a four pack.

I am to skinny for my liking so i want to up my weight by about at least 5 kg, then re-assess. i want to do this in 12 weeks, with minimal fat gain i don’t want to go over 15% body fat. My lifts were as follows; squat 120kg, deadlift 150kg, DB military press 70 kg total, Bench 120Kg. I was following a upper lower split doing a lot of cardio n etc to burn calories.

i know that putting on weight is all in the diet and i’m confident i have that covered, i just want to maximize my diet with my routine and get the most out of it. I am understanding more since my few posts.

So to the point my routine. I want to keep boxing twice a week, so i can train 4 or 5 days a week. i have a few routines in mind both have the pros n cons, but i don’t know what to pick

i can go with Dan Johns mass made simple 3 days a week,
Monday, Wednesday, Friday

5/3/1 following the Periodization routine,
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Sat

upper lower split,
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Sat

Bodybuilding routine,
Monday-Chest+Back, Tuesday-Hamstrings+Quadriceps, Thursday-Shoulders+Arms, Saturday-Chest+Back, Sunday-Hamstrings+Quadriceps

I’m not really paranoid about doing direct arm work or really any isolation exercises. i know i have to do the main lifts, n other heavy compound movements(which i like doing), cycle through reps ( i liked this article Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION ).
i want to limit my work outs to 5 exercises not including abs keep them short and intense between 30-50min. But i am paranoid about training 5days a week because i wont be able to get the extra calories, non training day is where i get the surplus…

so after this long ass post, i just want some opinions on which routine would be the best to complement my diet.Which if u guys must know is 4100 calories, a day split like this:
P + C
P + F
P + F
P + F
P + F
P + C
P + C
P + C
P + C

Meals change depending on whats in my fridge but its all clean lol My last bulk was ugly i got to 85kg at about 22% body fat and really shit fitness to, never doing that again!!

Day Exercise Sets Reps Rest

Mon Back Squat 3 5,4,3 2:00
LOWER Good Mornings 1:30
Leg Curls
Russian Twists

Tue Incline Press 3 5,4,3 2:00
UPPER Chinups 1 50
DB Rows
External Rotations
Medicine Ball Bridges 30s

Thur Deadlift 3 5,4,3 2:00
LOWER Split Squat
Pull Throughs
Leg Raises
Back Squat 20

Sat Clean

5/3/1 periodisation bible