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'Stuff You Will Hate'



Hilarious website that will appeal to those familiar with hardcore/metal music, scene politics, and those who enjoy making fun of beta male behavior. The main writer also writes for the website "Metal Sucks"


LOL I really liked 25 ta Life! I will always love Madball, no matter what! Thanks for the link this looks like a great time waster.


Good find.


I really liked the Rockabilly post, October 4th I think it was.


This mornings post about favorite porn stars was good, definitely SAMA thread worthy if it hasn't been done already.


I dig his quote regarding the Misfits also.

"The other thing that kind of sucks about the Misfits is their fans. I?m going to lump them in with fans of Social Distortion and Dropkick Murphys under the heading of 'bands who are popular with girls who do rollerderby, are into old cars, have fat arms and a bald, chubby boyfriend with a rockabilly haircut.' They also attract a lot of record collector types, who are basically the worst people on earth."




Upon further inspection, that blog is fucking awesome!