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Stuff White People Like


This is funny:


It's not really political, but I'm posting it here to make the mods lives easier, given the title of the blog.


Ok...this could be funnier if it were constrained to "Stuffwhitepeoplewithdsisposableincomelike".


Apparently my whiteness isn't up to snuff as I really don't like a lot of those things, nor do I see anything racially exclusive about them. Some of it is mildly amusing, but "White people like divorce"? I guess I don't get it. Yet at the same time, I'm interested to see what the creators would do with "Stuff that Black people like".


That would just be racist.


It's more "stuffsillywhiteliberalswhoconsiderthemselveshiplike".


Good thing I am a spic, that white shit sounds boring.


Still, one would need a disposable income to consider over half that list. Also, change liberal to bleedinghearts.


I had French in 4th grade , I can speak very lttle . I think i remeber more songs that sentences


I gather that dullboringshit.wordpress.com was already taken?


You reminded me of a commercial I heard on an R&B/Hip Hop station when I lived in Kalifornia. It was for rent to own RIMS.RIMS!!!


This "white" dude seems to be getting a kick.



It's racist as it is.

So this is a right wingers attempt at humor? Sigh. Now I understand why you don't see many right wing comedians. They just...aren't...funny. If you want to make fun of the Colbert show, you should at least be half as funny, which this blog fails to be.


I would rather watch an abortion than watch that ever again.


Right-wingers' attempt at humor?

If I had to guess I would guess that this site was written by some college-aged or recently post-college Asian guys - maybe Indian (as in from India). Probably from the West Coast, and maybe even the Pacific Northwest (because the people they are characterizing seem to me to be your average Seattle dwellers).


Fucking hell mate.. where do you find this stuff, thats one of the most disturbing things I have seen!