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Hey guys…I thought I’d start a thread dedicated to products (mostly nutrition) available to the public that don’t get covered by the T-coaches. It could be your favorite oatmeal, over the counter fish oil, tuna, almond meal, whatever.

List where you get it, how much it is, and the experience you’ve had with it. Try and keep it to one or two items per post. And if there is a thread like this, I’m sorry for not catching it. But lets make this ONLY over the counter products that anybody can go out and buy. So here’s mine,

Trader Joe’s Omega 3 Fatt Acids: EPA (400), DHA (200), 1 softgell, 90 per container. Price: $8.99. Where: any Trader Joe’s.

This is by far the most potent and highly concentrated fish oil I’ve seen on the market, and the price is unbeatable. Supplement this along with your Flameout, or if money is tight, by 2 of these for 18 bucks and it will last you over two weeks. I love this product and I’ll bring it it with me when I travel. It may not be as potent as Flameout, but again, the price is great and it’s descent.

Parker farms: Natural creamy peanut butter. Grocery store for under $7

I like the idea of this thread. I should have a lot of “things I like”, but Im pressed for time at the moment and I’ll reply later on tonight.

At the whole foods near me you they have this roasted almond butter grinder thing…unbelievable!! I eat almond butter pretty much everyday, on toast, by itself, with a banana, put it in shakes…

Here’s another one I get at whole foods a lot…its called Kombucha. Its lives cultured tea. I love it, I’m convinced that it helped me get better after I had puked 20 times and landed in the hospital for the night. Needed three bags of IV.
Anyway, couldn’t eat for 2 days, was trying every liquid and soft food but I’d just run to the shitter after.

I drank one bottle of this stuff and I was good to go. I think it helped replace the enzymes I was lacking in my stomach cause I puked them all out…just a guess though

This is that Kombucha stuff…

-Light tuna in olive oil- far superior to the regular kind in water, as far as taste goes

-Tamari Almonds - almonds roasted with a thin layer of soy sauce, good snack, way more delicious!

-magnesium supplement for muscle soreness/relaxation? maybe?

-I’m not a big quinoa fan, but if you cook it in chicken stock w/ an onion it’s pretty awesome

-Maranatha all natural organic peanut butter seems to show up in every ‘normal’ supermarket. The chunky and roasted kind is far too delicious to be a healthy food.

Will think of more…

I like that quinoa idea, cause sometimes I just wonder if it will ever taste good…

okay guys all this is great. but try and keep 1 or 2 items per thread. the idea is for T-men to find one thing that intrigues them each week and possibly go out and buy that one item. but so far great stuff!

For some reason… the things I enjoy is the things I shouldnt eat…

Peperroni pizza… :frowning:
Kraft Dinner

I fail :frowning:

oh and don’t forget to list the price and what grocery store you get everything at, etc. the more info the better. thanks!

Heavy whipping cream in shakes for bulking.

1.39 at bel air.

Ok theres a few things on my mind, but I’ll only post one as per the rules.

I do alot of cooking and when I’m home in particular, I cook frequently throughout the day (I prefer a freshly prepared meal to leftovers if I have the choice). I really suggest getting a WOK because of how easy it makes throwing a whole bunch of stuff together to make a stir-fry.

I’m always using it to make chicken/beef stir-fries with a whole assortment of veggies. Makes meals more enjoyable and quicker to prepare.

You can find one at almost anywhere that sells cookware. Prices can range from $20-$60, from what I’ve seen. Buy one with a lid for more versatile options.

[quote]MNguns wrote:
Parker farms: Natural creamy peanut butter. Grocery store for under $7[/quote]

Trader Joes all natural organic creamy peanut butter under 4 bucks.
Ya cosco got a really good Fish oil blend that and thier Flax oil capsules, then I do Trader Joes CLA for 12.99

I can tell the difference when I don’t take Daily Vitamin so I would say that and the new 1500mg fish oil

Sugar free fiber choice tablets for those low-carb “flushings” About 7 bucks at any grocery.

Chobani Greek Yogurt (non-fat plain)
140 calories, 23 grams of protein, 9 carbs.
Any Stop and Shop or major grocery store I’m sure.

Emerald Cocoa Roast Almonds. Can find in most any supermarket. Around 3-4$ per cannister.

Honey Roasted Cashews $4.50 (lasts about a week) Bought @ Hanafords

While not technically a food/supplement: Oral B brush ups. They are great if you eat all day but can’t brush your teeth after everytime you eat.