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Last night I started thinking, we all have little things we use or do that no one else seems to do, but makes a positive impact on our workout. If we all share that knowledge we’ll all be better off. 2 things that have made an impact in my training lately are: 1. I use a Timex kitchen timer to keep me honest on resting between sets. Without it I would tend to hurry through my workout. It has a magnet that sticks to my power rack so it’s extra cool. 2. Big-ass rubber bands from Elite Fitness/Jump-stretch. Using these has made big a difference on my bench. What do you y’all do that’s different?

Ill second the timer with magnet, really helps in teh gym adn running sprints. not a product, but GHR’s done natural are worth trying for a few months(you need to build up to them) my Hammies have blown up!!! Just got 3 consecutive no cheat reps monday, awesome.
Product wise i bought a cambered bench bar from jesup gym 100 bucks inc s+h, really helps me drive up bigger weights.

I started stretching Pre-Workout, as Ian King recommends, and I seem to feel much better during and after now. I am not up to 15 min like he suggests, but I am still doing about 5-8 min. I put the first song on my MP3 to a slow but hard power-ballad, Ozzy works well. While I am stretching I have time to mentally gear up for what is to come.

There is one thing I have been doing for years and I love the pump. On my last set of lying tri ext. I go to failure, then switch to close grip benches, and go to failure again. Feels great.

Just started training westside style and definitely agree that the jump stretch bands are great. I especiallly like to do reverse band presses and reverse band squats on max effort day. They help tremendously with lockout strength and learning to handle very heavy wights. The weight releasers from Elite Fitness Systems are cool too.

OK I gotta add Keg, sandbag, and thick bar… Definitely my favorite is the keg.

Ed what are natural GHR’s?