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Stuff to Do in Toronto


I'm taking myself and a few of my friend ups to Toronto (1hr drive) on Oct 4th to go to the ROM.

Since the AGO is closed, does anybody know of some other cool things to do between an afternoon and dinner? There's always the Eatons Center and Chinatown but most of us have already been to those places.


Here ya go:



Ooops, my bad, you’re looking for afternoon festivities. Sorry can’t help you.


Wander around Kenginston Market off Spadina and make fun of the hippies/go to tom’s place (suit store) and buy 5 suits for the price of 2. Get drunk at the bier market on esplanade, then stumble next door to the spaghetti factory.

Brass Rail or Zanzibar on younge (titty bars) people watch on queen west. Get drunk on the patio of any of the pubs across from Muchmusic HQ and people watch. Go to the indoor farmers market (name is slipping my mind…just east of esplanade I think) and buy beef jerky.

Go to the old school weight room on the top floor of the YMCA off of younge (around college)…sweet chin up bar in the corner. Or, what I used to do, get on the subway and hop off at random stop and explore/ride the street car and get off when you see something neat. Have fun!




[quote]streamline wrote:

Ha! I was going to say catch a plane to Vancouver :smiley:

Sorry I couldn’t resist. I wish I had something useful to offer. Kensington Market is always interesting.


There are a ton of neat little places on the esplanade, near Front street.

St.Lawrence Market has some great shops.

Walking up and down Yonge is an event in itself.

Queen street/MuchMusic, etc.


When i used to live in Toronto I would hang out at Yorkville. They got some great shopping places and great coffee shops.

There’s always something going on at Eaton Center or Dundas square.

How about St. Lawrence market?

then there is always the kindred cafe beside the YMCA on Yonge and Breadalbane (spellin’) i used to live in the buildings near there on Bay St. so I know that area real well.


[quote]MikeyHDDS wrote:
When i used to live in Toronto I would hang out at Yorkville. They got some great shopping places and great coffee shops.

How about St. Lawrence market?


That’s the market I was thinking of…great place.

x2 on Yorkville, forgot about it. There is a grocery store called Pusataries (sp), I can’t remember what street corner it’s on (in yorkville), but they have a sweet pre made food section, then sit outside and eat/people watch.


what’s the group composed of? family? bunch of guys? how many and roughly what age?


You can always go to Pearson Airport and make fun of all of the travelers trying to fly to New York who are delayed for hours on end. It’s a given that there will be several plane-fulls sitting around in the God-awful US-bound terminal.



LOL…I know Western Canadians aren’t big on Toronto or Torontonians…but its not that bad, and not everyone is a stuck-up asshole :slight_smile:

That said, I’d rather be in Vancouver, or even better, Montreal. Yeah, screw Toronto actually…hit up Montreal.

OK…so you’re stuck in Toronto. Well I’m a big science nerd, so I always loved the Science Center in TO. The ROM is an amazing museum; arguably one of the better in North America. Canada’s Wonderland in Vaughan is a very good amusement park.

If you’re into clubbing, LOTS to be had in TO…ranging from dingy to very upscale.

I would recommend the Toronto beer festival wholeheartedly (as a homebrewer and beer afficionado), but unfortunately you have to wait until next year.

If worse comes to worse, just roam around. Toronto is a really cool city.


friends around 22-23, guys and girls. Not really planning on getting smashed, but 1 or 2 drinks is not a problem.

thanks for all the ideas guys, just hope it’s not too cold. Toronto on a cold day is the fucking worst.


If you can stick around for the evening, check this out: http://www.scotiabanknuitblanche.ca/home.shtml