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Stuff the forum likes

Any gear/tools that we forumites find essential and/or useful for our training? I personally don’t use much except for a plain ol’ pair of canvas lifting straps for my last set of deads, and a little note book, but I thought this would be an interesting thread.

I like to use Bands for streching and for doing AB’s(www.jumpstretch.com)and the Red OX lifting straps to help me with my grip when I do pull ups.

My ziplog bag with a chalk block in it.

My sony mp3 player. It sits comfortably in my Otomix hip baggy.

i think if you dont use bands when you lift you are crazy. at least some of the time.

Yeah, we have our “training bag” containing the usual suspects.

However, I’ve found the most useful “tool” is: my game face. That way, the “girly-boys” and other annoying gym subjects leave me alone. That’s whats most important to my training.

  1. Underarmour t-shirts.

  2. Eleiko Bars and bumper plates.

  3. Captains of Crush Grippers

  4. Charikia Kastritsi - see the link.


— this is my dream girl: 20 years old, all of 125 pounds, can clean and jerk 250, and look amazing doing it.


Two round circular rubber gips by: Paragon and my Sony Mini Disc player. I can’t stand radio music when I lift.

Monday will be my second workout with bands. I dig 'em. Hoping for some nice gains with them.

I’ve got to go with Legz on this one: the COC grippers are awesome toys. And cheap, too.

I like the Eagle Loops they make, too.

I like to work a Rubik’s Cube between sets sometimes–keeps me focused. I try to beat the time for my rest intervals.

Kettlebells are definitely neat–though the price is prohibitive unless you’re really into them. The space factor is great, though, you don’t need very much room for a lot of equipment.

I have a home gym, so I have a dry erase board for motivational slogans, goals, daily plans, etc. Of course, any workout that I actually perform is recorded in my handy dandy workout journal.If you have the space, I think mine cost all of 10 dollars. There’s also some kind of paint that can turn a regular wall into a chalk board. I’d think that would be pretty cool for a home gym.

A chinup bar is essential for any home gym.

An Ab wheel from your local Target, Wal-Mart, or K-Mart will cost about 10 bucks, too, and give you fits. A great little device for next to nothing.

There are a bevy of homemade training options, as well.

I’ll definitely second what Eric said about the chalk…love that stuff. My stuff actually comes in a little porous bag and you just squeeze it to get chalk on your hands…much less mess, and no chalk gets wasted. It’s called “Flashed ball” or something like that…made originally for climbing (as in I “flashed” that route).

Gotta have my:
Baggie pants (that have krazy colourful funny things on them)
My singlet that is made out of string
A massive weight belt, wrist wraps, and grips for my tricep kick back in the power rack
Sunglasses (incase the roof of the gym caves in and those horrible UV rays get me)
My bum bag/fannie pack/belt with a pouch
My flex magazine, so i can read up on how the pro’s do it and copy their routine so i can be huuuuge

My T-nation shirt, and my brand spanking new sleeveless black Underarmour shirt. I’m still the only one in my town with both.

I got a shirt for 4 bucks at the mall a while ago: tight black with “black panthers-1966” logo on the front. complete with a pather pic.
neither black nor a panther, the shirt still kicks ass.

Gym Equipment: Bands, chains, eagle loops, chalk, blue heat, and soon cryocups.

Outside: Sledgehammer + tire, dragging sled, wheelbarrow, CoC grippers, agility ladder, and soon a 53lb. k-bell.

Misc.: T-nation shirt, EFS shirts, T-rone shirts, underarmour, warm-ups + diapers, and converse chuck taylors.

The list keeps growing but unfortunately so does the bill.

definitely chalk, some chains and maybe some ammonia.

dip belt, log book, ankle cuff, towel for thick bar work and towel chins and clean underwear.

Definately some good tunes.

Big thick towel( to put on benches, wrapin’ the bar is for pussies) chalk and two pieces of thin foam for hands, gloves suck.

Just got a pair of Muscle Clamps. These things are pretty cool… they slide onto the barbell very easily and weigh next to nothing. A friend of mine uses these at his gym and loves them.