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Stuff That Gets You Revved Up


just some stuff I like to watch when I am in need of a mental kick in the butt to train hard.




Feel free to post what makes you want to go heavy!


Great thread idea! I watch youtube videos basically before every lifting session if I can. Here are some of the videos I like to watch.

(I ignore the religious parts)

(I used to watch this in my bodybuilding days)


Seriously cannot wait untill this is released.


anything with Benedikt


[quote]milimber wrote:

Seriously cannot wait untill this is released.


Mate not wrong there…


This is a classic vid, watch it before any kind of benching workout:



hav’ some of that!

kid cudi: day n night.

thats one fat tune. out in january, i can’t wait.




Hot chicks.



first off the music is great in all his vids, second hes a beast and i love the screams third hes put on so much size and strength in little time its motivating


[quote]RebornTN wrote:
Hot chicks.[/quote]

haha, anyone who has seen the Epic Pictures thread knows that.



This song gets me pumped the fuck up. I like those kind of desperate badass songs.