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Stuff That Gets You Revved Up


just some stuff I like to watch when I am in need of a mental kick in the butt to train hard.




Feel free to post what makes you want to go heavy!


Great thread idea! I watch youtube videos basically before every lifting session if I can. Here are some of the videos I like to watch.

(I ignore the religious parts)

(I used to watch this in my bodybuilding days)



Seriously cannot wait untill this is released.


anything with Benedikt


Mate not wrong there..


This is a classic vid, watch it before any kind of benching workout:



hav' some of that!

kid cudi: day n night.

thats one fat tune. out in january, i can't wait.



Hot chicks.


first off the music is great in all his vids, second hes a beast and i love the screams third hes put on so much size and strength in little time its motivating


haha, anyone who has seen the Epic Pictures thread knows that.


This song gets me pumped the fuck up. I like those kind of desperate badass songs.