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Stuff Italian Men Like


Good food
Good wine
Italian women
White women
Black women
Spanish women
Russian women
Oriental women
Indian women
Short women
Tall women
Green women
Fast cars
Dark haired women
Red headed women
Blond women
Brunette women
More wine
Clothed women
Naked women
Mexican women
Canadian women


track suits
Moor women


The Rocky movies....


Being a plumber.
Rescuing princesses.
Blue balls.


We get it you like cheese.

P.S. Props on Benedictine.



-House music
-New Jersey
-Armani Exchange
-Hair Gel
-Ed Hardy
-Curling in squat rack


Gold Chains
Younger women
Homemade sauce



Short, busty brunettes







wearing bikini brief swimming suits
crucifix tucked safely into thatch of chest hair peeking out of needlessly-wide-open polo shirts




LOL! the jelly picture was a pwning.



Jesus Christ

Wife Beaters

Grinding Organs

Ending their names in vowels


if by italians you mean italians from italy then add
1. smelling like fried mexican shit
2. smelling burnt turds
3. not washing
4. definitely not soap
5. using water for tasks that dont involve keeping oneself not smelling like a roasted turd.




In no way saying that all Italians are racist but I'm from Bedford which has a huge Italian Community
"Bedford is home to one of the largest concentrations of Italian immigrants in the UK. According to a 2001 census, 2 in 7 (almost 30%) of Bedford's population are of at least partial Italian descent. From 1954 to 2008 Bedford had its own Italian vice-consulate"

And I don't remember ever seeing an Italian guy date a black girl. My girlfriends parents are great people but would go absolutely ape shit if she ever brought home a black guy, and I'm pretty sure their peers feel the same way.

I'm glad the Italians in your area are a bit more accomodating of different races.

I can add Brandy to that list. My girlfriends Dad seems to put it in / on / around / over everything.