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Stuff in Mag-10

h82bsmall, I had the same exact experience a
few weeks back. Here is a shortened version of a
letter I sent to Biotest concerning the issue, along
with a shortened version of their response. BTW -
the lot number on my bottle is 636 exp. 10/05

Shortened letter:

"…I was 10 days into my Mag-10 cycle of 1.5 servings
per day with a “day one” front-load. My starting wgt.
was 166 lbs, and this morning I weighed in @ 174.
I was pretty damn happy…that is until I opened my
2nd bottle of Mag-10 in order to complete the last
4 days of my cycle.

Problem one: After shaking the hell out of the bottle,
and pouring it into a plastic measuring cup (used
for meds), I noticed the liquid was unusually cloudy.
Not being worried about appearances, and having
heard that batches do vary, I consumed the liquid.
The first thing I noticed was that the MAG-10
lacked its usual “firery-hot cinnamon” flavor. The
second was that it had an partially undissolved and
somewhat lumpy consistency. Lastly, I noticed that
after I had taken the MAG -10, a considerable portion
of the undissolved prohormone had stuck to the
measuring cup…"

“…P.S. Would you guys continue taking the “lumpy/partially
undisolved” MAG- 10, or end the cycle after only 10 days?
Thanks for your ear - a disappointed Joey Z…”

Their shortened response:


Based on your description, there’s nothing wrong with your MAG-10.
“Lumpiness” is just the result of MAG-10 being exposed to cold temperature,
during shipment and/or storage. Don’t worry, though, because this doesn’t
affect potency. I’m currently using a bottle that’s been stored in my
refrigerator that’s the same as what you’ve described.

We’ve been tweaking the flavor of MAG-10 from batch to batch, so its normal
to notice differences in flavor. Hopefully, we’ll get to the point where
we’re 100% satisfied with the flavor soon…