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Stuff I Sold,Wish I Didn't


Hindsight is 20/20.So on that premise I started to think back on the shit I got rid of and wish I didn't.

When I was a kid my Dad would go fishing up north to Parry Sound where Bobby Orr(hockey legend) grew up.My Dad's fishing buddy was a family friend of the Orr's.He would always come back with stuff,photos of Bobby,uncut sheets of hockey cards etc.all signed...gone.

My neighbor years ago gave me his scrapbook of Montreal Canadians memerabelia from the 50's and 60's.Newspaper clippings,Photos,ticket stubbs etc...Gone.

No G.I. joes or big jim's though.My Father considered them "Dolls"...But Dad he's in the army and he's got a kung-fu grip and and sniff sniff.Not gonna happen son,fuck off and go play outside but first grab me a beer lol.

I'm not positive but I'm pretty sure the funds went to buy weed.Fuckin' high school,Oh well.Anyone else feel like a tool for getting rid of there shit? I know I do.


My first car was a 56 Studebaker Powerhawk. That's most definitely the one that got away.


Usually I'm not attached to my possessions. But sometimes I think back and I get nostalgic for those lost.

Regret selling... throwing away... or leaving behind:

My first bass guitar and amp.

A bunch of oil paintings I did as a young man.

A perfect fitting leather jacket.

A ton of classic vinyl albums.

Volumes of vintage bodybuilding magazines.


Any firearms I sold in the past I wish I had back. They are all worth a hell of a lot more now.


all the naked photos of a particularly gorgeous girl i dated because i wanted to be 'respectful' and all that jazz.

well deleted them, which i guess is worse, b/c i didn't get any money for it


Traded my 2002 Chevy Avalanche with every option for a 2009 Malibu because gas $5 a FN gallon, I loved that truck and kick my own ass every time I see one.

At one point I had every 80's GI Joe figure and 90% of all the vehicles, sold them at a garage sale for dirt, now they're worth decent money.

Had the first 3 original Conan comic books have no idea what happened to them.


I wish I hadn't sold all my pogs.


Sorry to rub it in, but I had a small GI Joe collection and I got over $1000 parting it out on Ebay about 4 years ago. Now with the movie coming out, they'd probably be worth even more.


An old Marshall JCM800 half stack.

I'm an idiot.


Yea....I didn't need to hear that. Oh well what can you do. Seriously who'd have thought in the late 80's that all that stuff would be worth so much now? DAMN YOU eBay!!!!


I still have mine.... oh wait, FML


My last drum set.

My original Star Wars toys.

A few years ago I sold off some other toys simply because they were taking up space. I didn't even get good money for them. I should have given them to my nephews.


Yes,you are.Sorry


hmm, maybe i could sell yo usome of mine?

WITH the slammers! woot


As much as it was a piece o crap I miss my 87 t-bird, I spent 4 months one summer fixing the entire body of that car and traded it in for my camaro... I love my camaro, but damn, sometimes I really miss that t-bird for nastolgic reasons...