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Stuff Black People Like


Pimping bitches

Smoking blunts

Drive by's

rap music

fucking skinny white sluts

Possesing large donkey cocks

The cosby show


you obviously dont know blacks well, they like fa white girls duh.


lol this culd be fun if everyone takes it as a joke

  • purple drink, not juice
  • fried chicken
  • watermelon


This is some racist shit right here. I'm ashamed of the both of you. You can't just bunch my people into some stereotypical category.

What racist comment will you make next? That black people dance with their pants around their ankles while on a basketball court?


Points at his own Avatar




Alright now, get it right, it's purple drank!

ham hocks
Gin & Juice
Luthor Vandross


You're from DC and left out mambo sauce and Hypnotiq? What the hell is the matter with you? Hahaha.


Lol, this was good.


Black people didn't really like the Cosby show, but it sure made a lot of white people feel good.


It would have been funny if he did not write "*points to own avatar"

I would have got it without the hint, and you know a joke is not funny if you have to explain it.

Anyway this thread is going in a different direction to what I had hoped for and I would just like to point out that I was making an exaggerated point, I used stereotypical and racist examples to make the point clear, hopefully most of you got the point to my post.


white t shirts.
metal on their front teeth.
ridin dirty.




They mama's.

They baby mamas too, but not as much.


I had to, buddy. This thread is very delicate. Its like two tons of TNT covered in gasoline and tossing lit zippos into a cup beside said TNT. Delicate.


You obviously have no clue.



fat,skinny,slut,churchgirl, just have to be white.

standin on da corner
holdin dey crotch
the letter d instead of th
talkin about what they are gonna do
talkin about what they would do
Holdin a job long enough for unemployment


OK please stop now, I was just making a point about how controversial the "stuff white people like" but I had to be extreme with my post, I did not want to down this route


Tough break cracka, the snowball is already halfway down the mountain. Can't stop it now.




axing questions using improper grammar and spelling.