Studying The Best Damn Workout

Hi. Today will be the 6th day of my first FULL week of this plan. I managed to miss days two weeks in a row (dammit) but this week will finish correctly.

One thing I finally figured out is why the double rest Pause sets haven’t seemed as taxing as I’d expected - I wasn’t using the right weights! Looked back over the program and finally realized that the first two sets are supposed to be lighter as a warmup, then heavier on the final set.
I am a DunderHead I guess. But I’m going to adjust the loads and continue this thing as prescribed until doomsday.

Have looked at other articles here and at Thib army, and picked up some good info about blood PH, foods and supplements.
I think I’ve got things about under control as it relates to the lifting routine, finally.

Thanks for all the great info u put out CT!