Study shows increased glycogen retention

“In a study of rats, a Japanese research team has shown that acetic acid (the main component of vinegar) increases glycogen repletion in both the liver and skeletal muscle.”


Fushimi, T., Tayama, K., Fukaya, M., Kitakoshi, K., Nakai, N., Tsukamoto, Y., & Sato, Y. (2001). Acetic acid feeding enhances glycogen repletion in liver and skeletal muscle of rats. Journal of Nutrition, 131, 1973-1977


I have heard of diets that required a tablespoon of vinegar upon waking up. They might have been on to something.

I have been taking a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar before carb meals and it does seem to be having some partitioning effects.

Salt and vinegar potato chips rock.