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Study on how dairy increases fat reduction.....

If you disagree with it don’t attack me I’m just posting a link. Thats all.

I’ve heard a lot about this as well lately, but who knows?

I haven’t read this one yet, will later, but in previous studies wasn’t it actually the calcium in the dairy causing the benefits? The dairy industry and the cereal industry are running commercials on this, but wouldn’t taking extra calcium do the same thing without the milk sugars?

Very well be true. My question is cottage cheese and Low Carb Grow.

Low Carb Grow is made up entirely of milk protein derivitives. So who knows. Maybe there’s something to dairy?

I have a theory on this, but it is entirely untested. Given that the role of calcium in adipose tissue/fat storage is pretty well known, we can assume there is something to having calcium in the diet. Many calcium supplements are also known to interfere with either digestion or nutrient absorption, or both; never take your supplements with calcium, right? The calcium in dairy products is naturally produced and naturally designed to be absorbed (at least by calves) so you get maximum absorption without interfering with other nutrients. Maybe that’s why it works. Dairy based calcium just works better.

It would probably even work better if the dairy was raw and unpasteurized.

“The 24-week long study enrolled 32 obese but otherwise healthy adults…”

What applies to obese people may not apply to others.