Study on Contaminated Supplements

I thought this was a very interesting article. The study is in PDF form inside of it. Anyone from Biotest care to comment? I’d like to hear their thoughts on this.

I have read something similar in a bodybuilding magazine. I guess that’s why many sports organizations have lists of supplements that they recommend.

anyone find it odd that the logo for the company is the basic steroid ring? or that the testing was done in england?

the lack of product names and purchase location is troubling. i think i could go out and make sure their next round would find nearly 100% failure rates or 100% pass.

it is very interesting to see the categories/types of products that failed, mostly ones with similar/hormonal substances likely in the ingredient matrix anyway. i am wondering if this could be production related (ie. china raws already contaminated coming into country) as they are likely from the same suppliers as the contaminants.