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Study: Gay Guys are Thinner


"In a famous episode of â??Seinfeld,â?? Jerry complains that people constantly assume he's gay because heâ??s single, obsessively neat â?? and thin. As it turns out, at least part of that punchline may be anchored in fact.

A new study shows that gay men really are leaner than straight men. And conversely, it also found that gay women tend to be heavier than their heterosexual counterparts."


just saying.



So its a skinny DICK FOUNTAIN


I am by far, fucking straight as hell right now, lol.


Dumb study...since it is a trend in the gay community to look fit to some degree even if they avoid weight lifting.

Many gay women seem to like the look of "androgyny" so they gain fat to look like a fat guy with a pot belly. I don't know if this is their specific reason for wearing plaid and Doc Martins while having a gut as big as a construction workers, but it makes sense to me.


My sister(not gay) lives in downtown Toronto, to be more specific the gay part and yes they are more skinny fit, no doubt about it. She also explained to me what glory holes were, they really do exist, not a myth I'm afraid...I wish she had not lol.


I bet if ProX turned gay he alone would have enough mass to tip the scales the other direction and there'd be news announcing gay men are bigger than normal men!

ProX: You alone have the power to decide the fate of the Gay vs Straight size statistic. With great power comes great responsibility


So if someone is having trouble losing weight I should not suggest they catch the ghey?


OK, what is a "glory hole"?


To even joke about Prof X doing some gay shit is just a fuckin no no dude. I dont know what you and the rest of the land scapers joke about, but that shits not cool. No habla el homo.


A sin against God and Polo's favorite past time.


I crashed at a gay buddies house in the San Diego gayborhood for a while, some time ago.

One day I came back from the gym, he was in his bedroom. I go into the kitchen and there's about 8-10 empty coors light bottles on the counter and his weed pipe in the sink. I make my dinner and go into the living room to eat. Just got sat down and there's a knock on the front door, I answer it and it's a dude, he says that my buddy told him to head back to his room, so I let him in.

Then a knock at the back door, another dude, telling me that my buddy told him to head back to his room. THEN a final knock at the front door, same story.

Naturally, I got the hell out of there and didn't come back till I was confident that the coast was clear.

Later when I gave him shit about having a 5:00pm orgy, he said "Craigslist is awesome..."

Ok, had to tell you that, to say this.

All those dudes that showed up?

Skinny as rails.


^^ both your post and your avi made me laugh simultaneously!


OK, what is a "glory hole"?

Still waiting for true answer.


How can any self respecting man who has surfed even a few hours of porn not know what a glory hole is? I'm Baffled. X ARE you in fact Ghey?



Are you fucking with us?



This does not make sense to me. I've seen this over and over from afar, now I have a friend who's an attractive lesbian. Of course her girlfriend is a bull dyke. I don't understand why, if she's a lesbian, she doesn't go for a nice feminine, pretty girl instead of this substitute man. Or, just be straight and get a real man. What could possibly be the appeal?

I'd love to ask her about it but can't imagine that conversation going well.





Dude I have been married to a hot tempered mexican woman and have been out of the porn business for like 10 years. Sorry not fucking with you just honest question.


I always have the same questions. I don't mean to piss off anyone who may be gay here, but that makes little sense to me and seems to be rampant when it comes to lesbians. I seem to notice there is always the "man" and "woman" in the couple more often than it seems with gay guys. Sometimes, I can't tell if they are a woman or a guy and this is a hassle when they are patients. Sometimes I walk in the room and don't know what to call them.


Remember the first Porkys? When they made the hole in the wall to the girls locker room?

Very similar, only same sex.