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Study: Fox News Viewers are the Most Misinformed


Can't say I'm surprised by this.


Flawed study is flawed.

If you ask questions that will disproportionally be answered wrong by those on the right and declare answers as "wrong" that inarguably are not as for example "will the price of healthcare go up as a result of the reforms" then you end up with a lot of "wrong" Republicans.

This is just nonsense.

Here is a link to one of these "studies":


Healthcare Bill, climate change, recession, flawed, flawed, flawed.

In related news, O´Reillys and Limbaughs audience is more informed than that of the Daily show and CNN.



The funny thing is that the audience of 3 of the 4 people posted above is well above average when it comes to political knowledge and the jury is still out on Becks.

I wonder whether Stewart or Colbert mentioned that to their audience who is actually less informed or whether that would have kind of defeated the point they were trying to make.


OP needs to come up with more than a "Step in every 4 months" with a comment and actually provide an argument to back the claims up.

Fox news is the only network that actually does the media job.

What is the media's job? The answer is not "Cheerlead for the President".


Really? Someone better tell MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, the New York Times, and Time and Newsweek magazines.


I disagree. None of the networks actually do the media job because the media's job is to inform the people.

The job all the media networks do is get ratings to make advertising during their programs more valuable. This translates to sensationalism, slant, and spin.

Please dont pretend that FOX is less guilty of this just because you agree with their angle. They arent more truthful or more concerned with facts - they're only concern is money, just like all the rest.


Er. "Their" not "They're"



Wrong again....the media is supposed to be the watchdog of Government, and to report on Government activity. Right now it does not. It buries stories that do not work favorably to the current administration.

You cannot deny this.

It just so happens Fox actually reports on Government with a microscope, and all the rest fluff it to relay how great our government is.


Did you read the fucking post? I clearly said the job of the media is to inform the people. You seriously need to learn letters n words n shit.

Liberal media sources try to make liberal president look good? Shocker.

FOX did whatever they could to make Bush look good? I'm flabberghasted.

You're still confusing "true" with "What you want to hear". Its all bullshit to get ratings. Period.


Yeah, and Fox were really critical of Bush when he was president as well /Sarcasm/

Fox are trying to demonize everything progressive and they are basically the propaganda center of the GOP. That is not how the media should work, Rockscar.


Tell that to Beck, Stossel and Napolitano. They hate the GOP.


MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC are trying to demonize everything conservative and they are basically the propaganda center of the progressives. That is not how the media should work, Molnes.


I agree, so don't go throwing crap "studies" around because ONE SINGLE outlet is not conforming to the left side of media.


Crap thread. This topic could be easily skewed either way.


I have always maintained faux news sucked :slight_smile:


Word. Even as a conservative minded person(probably more libertarian but you get it), Ive never been a huge fan. Both sides of the media twist the news to their liking. Fox News isnt "fair and balanced" but MSNBC are worse. They are a laughing stock of the media


You are all outside your minds if you think that any media is not slanted one way or the other.
Don't try to defame a quality university study, just because you think everything that doesn't agree with you is part of some liberal conspiracy.


Oh, well then that's a change.


Wrong. Anyone who even attempts to compare any other network to Fox in terms of propagandizing simply doesn't have a clue, or is a liar.

Fox News Washington managing editor Bill Sammon instructs anchors to cast doubt on climate science:


Fox selectively edits Kerry's speech; mocks him for not saying the things they cut out:


Your World pushes falsehoods about Net Neutrality:


Fox erroneously reports that census director reported directly to White House:


Fox & Friends lambasts Senate for not passing 9/11 responders bill; ignores the fact that every single Republican voted against bringing it to the floor:


And, of course, there's the study mentioned by the OP.


Such as? Substantiate your claims, please. It's easy to find instances of Fox misleading its viewers or attacking Democratic and progressive policies and politicians, you can do it all day, but I really can't think of many cases of the other networks doing the same thing on the other side. NBC is slightly more liberal, of course, but I'm really confused by your inclusion of CNN and the rest.

"The left side of media." What a pile of crap.


Actually, anyone who watches one network exclusively is misinformed. That said, if you're going to make unsubstantiated claims about multiple networks being biased against your viewpoint, chances are that you are pretty misinformed.

And when I say misinformed, I mean retarded.