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Study Buddy

hey, since this new year i;ve been really good at keeping my new year’s resolution to put soe weight on, live healthy and take a more optimistic view of life. well been doing great but i;ve had to return back to my hometown for the next six months where i no longer have the luxury of going to a gym with my buds who are now unfortunatly in another timezone (and cant write english) so i’m working out at the local leisure center and at home and wanted to know if there was anyone else with similar aims who would like to keep in contact, sort of egg each other on.

this isnt a personal ad, i’m str8, 27 and about to be engaged to the most wonderful woman in the world. (if this post is too much like an ad let me know and i’ll bin it). so, here are my stats, 178cm, 70kg study kyokushin kararte so i need to keep flexible.

if anyone is interested then PM me.

thanks :smiley: