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Study Aids: What do You Like to Use?


Okay, I've been working on this paper like a madman and needed a short break so I thought I would post this. What's your favorite study aid? So you know what the hell I'm talking about, I'll tell ya'll mine. I love green tea and ginseng. It helps give me a calm mental boost and added clarity in thought without the jitters and nervous energy that coffee gives me..




Aniracetam and Vinpocetine.


snort a line of adderall off you chem book.


Cocaine and amphetamine.




As far as coping with stress goes, I've found Rhodiola rosea helps me out to a small degree...whether it's placebo or not...


Raw willpower like a bawss.


Vitamin B complex and caffeine.

What ever you do, make sure that you can use it for the test too, cuz memory is state dependent.


not having internet access in my immediate vicinity


Enjoying what I'm reading.


x2, it just gets really difficult when you have to use the internet to research.


Good man.

I add DMAE to this on the regular and modafinil and Spike if I need a real kick-to-work.



Might as well ask here.

Are there any "loading up" time on these substances?


Not as such, but of course, due to neuroplacticity, the longer you use them, the more and more effective and efficient you become at learning, conceptualising and recalling information.




How's your own personal experience with them been? Is it subtle or definite? What kind of dosages would one use to reap the full benefits without experiencing side effects? I'm guessing the only place to get this kind of stuff would the internet, am I right?


Vinpocetine, 15 to 30 mgs daily, in divided doses.





If you're gonna do it, you might as well do it right.


Lol, yeah, except that adderal would be doing it wrong. What I mean it that adderall is merely a stimulant, not a genuine nootropic.

Adderal increases cortisol and as we know cortisol impairs memory, both in the acute and the chronic phases, by inhibiting neuronal activity at the hippocampus and infact inducing atrophy of the hippocampus.

Better to use modafinil and/or Spike for the stim aspect and then a combination of actual nootropics to improve cognition and memory.