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Study Abroad Locations


If you had the option to study abroad next fall at any of the following locations, which would you choose and why?

Czech Republic
Hong Kong


I would say Singapore...

I've been to Austria and Hong Kong. I hated Hong Kong. The weather sucks, it smells, etc. But all the girls I know that have been to HK love it because theres so much shopping apparently...

Austria is Mozart crazy. The dude has been dude for a couple hundred years but everything, I MEAN EVERYTHING, has his face on it.

I'm only saying Singapore because people have told me it's nice and apparently it's freakishly clean. However, if you like chewing gum, Singapore might not be a good choice since it is illegal there...


I've heard a lot of good things about the Czech Republic. Prague is gorgeous, and it's still cheaper than a lot of the rest of Europe. Check out one of Balbo's old threads to see how fine the women are in Eastern Europe. It's my brother's favorite city in the world, and he's pretty well traveled.


What are you going to study? Does this country have what you want or is this really a party trip? Do you have a budget or is the sky the limit? As an example the last time I was in Sweden it was $10 for a beer.


I've been to every country on the list.

SWEDEN: Beautiful country, kind of similar to Canada. Hot women who love to bang. It takes a while to become friends with most people...they seem kind of aloof at first but its just the culture. Prices are absolutely insane.

NORWAY: Not all that different from Sweden, really. More of an independent spirit I guess...a lot of people are in touch with their Viking ancestry. Again, really expensive.

DENMARK: Meh. A real dump in a lot of places. Copenhagen, outside the tourist area, is a pretty nasty city that I'd never want to live in. Avoid.

AUSTRIA: Beautiful country. Hot women, free-flowing beer, amazing scenery. As someone said though, Mozart crazy. I'd put this one high on my list.

CZECH: Used to be the "hidden gem" of Eastern Europe, but the Czechs got wind of their popularity and prices have increased in accordance. Gorgeous country but the people weren't all that friendly. You didn't list it, but POLAND is much better IMO. You get the same amazing castles, hot women and so on at half the price.

THAILAND: Thailand is just outstanding. There's a reason so many drunken backpackers flock there. The people are cool, food is great and there is lots to see. Its also easy to visit Vietnam/Laos/Cambodia while you're there. The one downside is that prices have increased dramatically in the last 10 years, but its still pretty cheap.

HONG KONG: Cool little country. A huge metropolis put on a small island with lots of nature and such at arms reach. You'll get laid a lot if you go there.

SINGAPORE: Pretty nice place for a visit, but wouldn't want to live there. It has a bit of that "Demolition man" utopian vibe to it, although its easy to get out of the city if you want. Horrible country for drinking though...prices are through the roof and many bars close before midnight.

These are just my opinions. You have a lot of nice countries to choose from


The question is, are you into blondes or asians...


I live in Norway, and we usually travel across the border to sweden when we need to get some serious shopping done. Yep, Norway is even more expensive (but we earn more money too).

OP: If you got any specific questions about studying in Norway, I could provide some help.


Ever thought about Scotland or Ireland?

Sweden and Norway are so expensive. Price of a pint in Norway is £9 apparently and £7 in Sweden according to my uni buddies from there

Everybody raves on about Czech, but i think its going to become so touristy in the next few years. cheap prices etc in the economic climate will make it even more attractive to tourists.

My uncle was stationed in austria and he says it is the most beautiful place in the world. Great views, skiing, beer and women

I no nothing about Denmark or Asia.

Not meaning to hijack your thread, but im looking at going to New Zealand for at least a semester. Doing economics and i think im likily to go to Auckland University of Technology. (AUT) anyone from there or have any info?



Singapore is bloody expensive if you like to drink. Plus, it's just a bit on the boring side too. Nice, but boring.

Thailand is a lot of fun!


Studying for international business, though to be honest this is much more for the experience and I could care less about the classes so long as I get some business credits. I do not know my budget yet, but "the sky is the limit" would definitely not work.


This is one the places I'm strongly considering.


Say I'm into hot women who aren't asian and I like to party but I also want to be able to work out at least four days a week at a decent gym. Could you narrow down some of the countries?


Ha, blondes.


I would like to visit both Scotland and Ireland someday, but the my options are limited to the ones on my list for school-related reasons.


Australia ftw


come to Slovenia


I would go to Singapore or Thailand, but then I have family in Malaysia and LOVE the food and need sunny climates (and yet I live in Germany).

For you, I'd say Austria. It's beautiful with great beer and you can go skiing. Plus it is centrally located for you to travel to other parts of Europe easily.


Yeah I've seen Hostel I know how this works...




Haha, wasn't that movie supposed to take place in Slovenia? Anyway, I have to stick to the list. Right now I'm torn between:

Czech Republic