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Studio 4 Fitness TV?

Is this a useful site for beginner?


I found it fairly interesting anyway

Yaknow, I bet it has some good stuff on there. But; nothing you wouldn’t find on here.

I don’t like that on the front page it has tutorials for: Crunch & Curl, The Soup Can Butt Buster & Dumbbell Kickbacks.

Not my “cup of tea” and i’m sure alot of other T-Nation-ers can agree.

Out of curiosity I had to click on “the helicopter squat”

Some topless dude talking about how to spin around while holding a medicine ball.

1.) i don’t wanna watch topless dudes
2.) its not a squat
3.) i doubt he got his physique by doing ANY of that sort of crap.

that site jsut went down yet another notch.

but i guess it all depends on your goals…yours are?

Yeah, kindda what I was thinking - it’s a bit pink dumbell/leg-warmerish - that made me question the authentisity of the info on there but I really like the idea of seeing video clips of how to perfom a rep properly.

I know there’s supposed to be video footage available here but trawling through all the “rate my form” video postings on the forum means can’t find a consitently acurate source of information (unless I’m idotically missing somethingon here that every one else uses as a reference) - I can’t help feeling T-Nation is a bit mish-mashy on the look-up front.

As far as goals go I’m STILL cutting and feeling like I’ll never ever get where I want, much like a total looser for not sticking with my plan AGAIN (I have lost 20lbs but put 4 back on when people told me my calorie intake was too low and I’d wreck my metabolism - I think I overdid raising my daily intake, oops). I wonder if other people struggle with bouts of withdrawal from lifting eating clean and weeks of no motivation etc. Time for another mental pull-yourself-together-and-get-a-grip chat.