Studies to Support High Normal as Target for TRT

Well I mean what levels do you hang around now that you are trying for the bare minimum TRT? Word salad aside and playing with vocabulary aside, what were you doing before that was not sustainable and what are you doing now that is?

It is unclear. TRT has taken many meanings depending on who is using the term.

There should be another forum category to separate lifestyle/body modification use of T and AAS via Rx vs treatment of clinical hypogonadism. That way new guys are less confused. Would be a category that overlaps with pharma. Think of 2 circles in a venn diagram partially overlapping. The new forum category would be the intersection of TRT and pharma.

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Yes if the membership understands the distinction.

Now I am shooting for 800ng/dL at trough, but I know I won’t stay here long and I’ll be experimenting and changing things up over the summer.

I lost about 25lbs last year and that helped lower my BP and lipids. Before if my TT was 1000ng my BP would still be 150/90. Now I can run that and see sub 120/75 most of the time. So maybe my optimal dose has changed as my weight changed?

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Yeah good point. Too complicated.


Maybe you can make a Venn diagram showing how you think TRT and TOT overlap. You know, take the data from one of your graphs that show people who are optimized at say 400 total t, up to people who are optimized at 1500 total t. That way you can show how someone who is optimized at 400 total t falls into both TRT and TOT.

You really dont understand any of the graphs i made do you? Perhaps that is my fault and i need to go through the graphs with an example as @Gibbon suggested.

Others please weigh in if these graphs dont make sense or need more explanation. I will do a demo example @Gibbon on your thread.

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I believe your graphs would be best served as if you were teaching them to a class. Trying to reach as many class members as possible.

IMO, you are trying to do too much in a single post.

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I believe you are right. If i am going to go to the trouble of making them i shouldnt short change on the background and examples so that people can use the charts. Thank you for the feedback. What irritates the crap out of me is that many times this stuff gets treated like it is this big mystery and confuses many. So i should not add to the confusion trying to make it less murky.

Much appreciated, I’d be very grateful to understand things better.