Studies/Thoughts About Rest-Pause and Size?

Paul I know you are a believer in rest pause training. My question is has there been any studies that you know of that show why rest pause training is considered better by some than regular training?

3 sets to failure with a 2 to 3 minute rest between sets…
compared to
3 sets to failure with a 20 to 30 second rest

And what are your overall thoughts?

Thank you

Well there’s the thousands of people who used DC training with awesome results.

But if that doesn’t work then I guess a 6 week study using people HAS to be the final word…

Thanks for the reply. But my only problem with that study is the 3 sets of 6 at 80% is not 3 sets to failure.

A better comparison would have been 3 sets to failure at 80% with 2 minutes rest.

When some westside lifters do the repetition method they do 3 sets to failure with 3 to 5 min rest as opposed to short rests… Just trying to figure this out.

The best way to figure it out is to do what, my man?


Well I guess another good question would be What Iin your experience has worked better for you? Because you’re 350 method is similar to what I’m talking about with a longer rest of three sets Max reps. But you’ve also done rest pause. What gave you better results?

Dude… Just do a friggin block (3-6 weeks) of rest-pause training and see how you respond. If you don’t respond it will make fuck all difference in the long run. If you do then you found out something really useful to you.

There is no study, which will almost certainly have data collection issues and will come with a chance of error, that is going to give you better information than that block of training.



The 350 method is not similar to double RP training at all due to the longer rest periods.

Dude, you’re going to have to do these things to know for yourself. This drives me insane.

I cannot tell you how YOU are going to respond best to certain stimulus. And neither can a study.

Quit being lazy and do some training with these methods instead of looking for answers you can’t find online.

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?? I didn’t compare 350 to rest pause…

I compared it to 3 sets of max reps with 2 or 3 min rest. Like Joe Defranco does with his NFL guys and did with me when he trained me for my NFL tryout.
U misunderstood. But thanks anyway

Dude you asked for a study. I gave you one. You didn’t like it.

You asked what’s better…I can’t answer that for YOU. You’ll have to program it into a cycle and then see what gives you the best results back.

Do a 6 week training cycle where you double R/P then a 6 week training cycle where you do 3 sets to failure with 3 minutes rest between sets.

Then report back with what the difference in performance ended up being. That’s how you’ll know.

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Ok will do. Thanks again