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Studies that changed the world

the Studies that Changed the World article was really interesting, specifically the diet related one. It pretty much supports DiPasquale’s Anabolic Diet in terms of elevating testosterone levels. What was really interesting was that it was the animal fat only that caused elevated t-levels, and not the lean meat w/ added oil. I’ve heard before saturated fat causes an increase in testosterone, if anyone has access to this study it would be interesting to know how significant a drop in T-Levels in the 3 groups and how much of an increase there was in the fattier meat w/ added animal fat. Also shuts down ideas of the Zone (lean meat w/ added fat) and even Poliquins diet recommendations (lean meats with added fats and protein shakes w/ added fat)in terms of optimizing T-Levels. Well Good b/c i’m back to the Anabolic Diet and this study supports I am making a good decision. Anyone else find this interesting?

Flex: Thee first thing I thought about were the “Old School” bodybuilders. These guys would down humongous amounts of steak, creme, bacon, whole milk etc. This study seems to suggest that their results may have been the result of more than just calories and protein. I am reading more and more where trainers are advocating a good steak 1-2 times a week (or more). Certainly is something to consider.