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Studies on Supplements

Had an argument today with my folks regarding the efficacy of supplementation as opposed to trying to get all your vits, EFAs etc from whole foods alone. Can anyone provide me with decent studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of proper supplementation in addition to a healthy diet.

Examples would be things like multivitamins, fish oils, mineral supplements and the like. I swear by supplementation for these things - I’m not sure i’d be able to get them in the necessary quantities through food alone.

Any studies or websites where I can find studies will be hugely helpful in proving my argument. Also this gives us a chance to see just exactly how effective the supplements we all take for granted are. Thanks a lot guys!

Go to pub med etc pick the particular supp, etc you are wondering about seacrh and have fun

Google can help also.

Know that for every answer for your arguement no matter the topic you are going to get one against its all about sorting though the BS keeping and open mind and paying attention to the studies and who they are funded by.

I always find this site is a good place to start. As mentioned, you can look up specific studies mentioned here on Pubmed.com.

Hopefully this link works.


If not go to shoppersdrugmart.ca and look in Health and Wellness for the supplement section.