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Studies On Steroids


Are there any studies to show that long time use of steroids can cause sterility?




do a search on Bob Clapp, the guy is 70, started jucing in his 20's and is still juicing in his 70's and claims to have fathered 3 kids while on....


And that has absolutely nothing to do with anything. I'm not personally aware of studies but I believe the short answer is yet. But the risk is greatly, greatly reduced with proper PCT. Hopefully some people with direct experience or who are aware of specific studies will jump in and give you a better answer


The problem arises when chronic steroid use shuts down the body's natural production of T, thus the shriveling of the testes.


bob clapp is the grandfather of the kid i played football with matt clapp who is now an oklahoma sooners running back. they live in arizona. he has been juicing since 7th grade.


Without PCT, azoospermia/oligospermia usually remains for and average of 6-7 months post-cessation of anabolic steroid use.

There are case reports of returns to normal fertily following 12 to more months of infertility following steroid use with the help of GnRH management and such.

So yeah, you can go back to normal. I do not know about testicular volume.

Longterm use is difficult to assess. One report mention 4 year abuse and return to normal following treatment.



For your info;
I Have a client who's using roids and that, since 7 years.
I asked His doc if that was getting him low sperm count and the doc replied that roids does not help but does not make you unfertile. It really depends of the person



Yes. Simply search Turinabol-East Germany or various other parameters. The Germans force-fed their young athletes, especially girls, this particular anabolic. You couldn't be in the program and not 'use'. If you refused the drugs, they kicked you out and wouldn't let you graduate from high school.

Some of these girls are now suing because of the long-term sides.



Seriously, check it out.

Long term use ~1+year of test replacement leaves most men sterile, although it seems to be temporary with the use of PCT.