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Studies on Casein Hydrolysate

With Anaconda most likely containing casein hydrolysate or somehting similar (CT mentioned this), does anyone know the studies that go along with some of the claims. I have heard that:

  1. You need less Casein Hydrolysate then Whey Hydrolysate to get the same anabolic response.
  2. CH get absorbed faster then WH.

I am assuming that these are the reasons why its going to be in Anaconda.

These are some hefty claims. Anyone know of any studies support this? Thanks.


IF CH is actually as fast as is being claimed, then it looks like the age of whey is coming to an end.

Casein Hydrolysate will be the king of the fast-absorbing proteins and Casein Micellar will be the king of the slow-absorbing proteins.

R.I.P. Whey Protein!

Not necessarily, CH is frickin’ expensive and tastes like garbage and can clump, peptopro is even more expensive but partially because it is even further pre-digested than regular CH.

Also, you don’t necessarily want to just continually consume CH all day instead of having your regular whey shakes and everything, I know that’s what’s being explored/discussed in the pulsing protocol CT is experimenting with, but I don’t think he has yet perfected it.

So no Studies. Anyone?