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Students & dog

Hey fellas! I was just wondering your opinion on my roomates and I getting a for the house. The 5 of us are all univesity students but we ALL REALLY WANT A DOG. Everyone I talk to says that it is the dumbest idea ever to get a dog. Too much time required, too many expenses…blah blah blah
comments please?

Oooooh, just buy the damned dog! It’ll be all of your responibility. I would think between five of you, ya’ll could take care of one dog.
Fuck’em, its not their dog.

Yeah, go get a dog if you want one. Say to someone ‘you got a problem with that? well fuck you then’.

Fine, but you should consider a few things. Who is going to take care of it when you leave for holidays? Are you in a safe area for a dog or will it have to be walked on a leash all the time? Is someone going to be responsible for appropriate training? Can you afforf the expense? I am not trying to discourage you but I hate to see dogs abandoned or go to the pound when well meaning ideas go awry.

Don’t be a moron. Five people all having part ownership of a dog is a huge disaster waiting to happen. Don’t do this to a good animal. A dog with several people contolling it almost always ends up a fucking basket case. As students you will not have the time for the dog and it will end up at the humane society within 6 months.Who’s going to look after the dog during spring break, christmas, and summer. Most people have no idea the amout of training, time and care a dog (especially a puppy) needs. It’s like having a baby. If it’s a pup you will be up 3-4 times a night taking it out to the bathroom. Even if you are a responsible guy, more than likely at least a couple of your roomates are typical young guy college retards. Hey I was a university student once too, who lived with 5 other student/athletes. No fucking way could we have taken care of a dog. Too much partying, fucking and trying to stay in school. I’ve rescued too many dogs from situations like the one you are about to create. I apologize if I’m coming across a litlle aggressively, but I have no patience for irresponsible people who get a dog without doing the homework and then, realizing it’s too much work, give it up to the pound. Do the right thing and wait until your finished school and are settled enough to be able to take care of a dog.

Thank the animal gods for Magnus! Now, that’s common sense! Would you bring a child into the type of household you are living in now? I doubt it. Why would you do that to a dog?

Any animal, birds, cats or dog, deserves a loving, caring home. Better REALLY, REALLY think about it. I'd wait until you have the time and money to better take care of your potential companion.

I work for a fraternity (yeah, how testosterone can you get) and I see a lot of chapter houses with dogs in them and the idea of 5 guys trying to own a house and a dog is a stupid idea. I PROMISE you that taking care of it will last about a week, then all of you will be arguing over who has to clean up the shit this time. I’m telling you, get the dog and you’ll turn your bachelor pad into a disaster area. Let me tell you, you’ll never hook up with a girl if she steps in the dog pile on the way to your hair covered bed.

I’ m with Magnus on this one, dogs in this situation almost alway end up at the humane society, Many times when school is over know one wants to take the dog with them. Don’t do it.

Bad idea. My brother tried it in college, and trust me – a dog with 5 masters is a confused and fucked up creature. Dogs are very social and live in a hierarchical world. Guess what happens when he/she has 5 part-time owners? Our fraternity house had a dog too, and despite the fact that we loved that dog it did not receive the firm constant upbringing that a dog requires, and it was a messed up animal. Don’t get the dog unless you personally are prepared to do all the work if other people default.

don’t do it.
seen it done in two student houses that i have lived in. it doesn’t work.
the student who own’s the dog soon becomes a loner in the household because the dog destroys other people’s things, shit is left infront of someone’s bedroom door, hair wrecks someone’s couch, shoes can no longer be left out, the house begins to reek of dogfood/dog … everyone starts off agreeing that a dog would be great and then one person has the entire responsibility and eventually becomes caught in a no-win daily situation. i mean it’s hard enough to be somewhat social, somewhat academic, and somewhat sanitary without throwing a dog that deserves a great deal of space and attention into the mix. … another scenerio is when the owner leaves for a weekend or wants to go out, no one is the household will want to set their day aside to take responsibility for the dog … baby-gates for baracades, hair all over everyone’s clothes, and chewed shoes, couches, cds, and just dog-dirt aside … it’s not easy.

get a fish tank, keep it clean, put five cool fish in it. conversation piece, household pet, perfect.

Everything Magnus said! I have a suggestion though. Find a good Rottwieler breeder…They usually are looking for homes for there bitches that no longer have litters. They will be trained very well and not require much exercise at all. They just need some love while they are lounging around the house and with five people you should be able to do that. If it is a good breeder they only breed dogs that are very mentally sound…An older female Rottie may be just the ticket for you. happy Hunting!!!