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Students and Former Students: How Did You Pay for Campus Housing?


I am about to start my last year at my community college before i transfer to a state university and the thought of staying home while attending a university is just bugging me. most of the universities i plan on transferring to are under an hour’s drive from my home so the option of becoming a commuter is always available for me. I just don’t want to stay home. my goal is to get enough scholarship money to pay for on campus housing. i get financial aid so i believe my tuition should be covered with fafsa.

My question is how did you guys pay for on campus housing. did you take loans. did you get scholarships, did u just work your ass off. how did you guys do it.

most cheap dorms are like around 3,000 to 6,000 a year i think.


True story. I attended a large private university on an academic scholarship. A friend of mine attended same university with no scholarship. He eventually had to drop out because he could not pay tuition. My buddy has a great physique and decides he’s going to start stripping to pay for school. He tries it at a ladies night and has a horrible time. Dances at a gay club instead and is treated like royalty. Gets paid $20 per song for a 3-minute private dance and would typically make over $1,000 in a night. I go to his house one day and he shows me a shoe box packed full of $20 bills. Long story short - he was able to go back and finish his degree.

PS some of his fellow dancers would go home with patrons and get paid up to $500 to receive a body massage.


I joined the ROTC to cover my room and board at first.

If any of your friends are going to the same school, you could think about finding an apartment near campus. Its convenient to have everything taken care of in the dorms, but it’s expensive. And roomchecks and that kind of shit suck.

With a few of your homeboys, any place that has a pool and a spot for your grill is a “cool apartment.” Also, all the girls want to kick it off campus, so the apartment is a huge advantage.

Waiting tables is a pretty classic college job.


Pay for it like this


Lived at home and rode the bus to campus. It was about an hour each way, but I graduated with no debt. I ate my Mom’s cooking and paid no rent all through college.


With a year to go, start working now. If you save $100 a week, you’ll have 5 G’s sitting in a shoe box by next fall.

Look around, find some place to work with a branch near you now, and a branch where you plan to go to school. Then just transfer next year. Real easy like.

Scholar ship jobs, or “work study programs” or whatever they call them usually suck and pay poorly.


…You ever seen “Risky Business”?


who the fuck still attends college in 2016


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To keep as much of your most valued thing as possible, I recommend selling your ass.


Rented a large 3-story house with 6 other dudes in a marginal part of the town where we went to college.
Only problem was no security, so we got robbed twice.


Everybody should live on Paper Street, at least once.


“How did you pay for Campus Housing”

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