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Student Gear and Usage

Your room:

A small area appox. 5 steps in length, with a joined bathroom.(later shown) An uncomfortable bed with messy room mates.

This is for all the students out there. Doing school, nutrition, and training. Don’t make excuses, make it happen! It can be done even in such an environment.

Here is what you’ll need to do.

-Get Lifted

The Essentials:

1st- A mini Fridge:

Put the mini fridge under your bed. This is done by raising your bed with bricks. (found across the street near a house)

The fridge will come in hand and you’ll see why later on…

-Get Lifted

The Essentials:

(2nd) A towel and rubberband in chair.

This will come in handy when long nights and days of studying arrise. I got this idea from T-nation and thought it was easy enough to implement in the room. I use it every time I am doing homework.

The essentials:

(3rd) earplugs

Only 3 feet away from you rests another room mate and one that enters the room @ different times of the night and often snores. The fire safe doors slam shut that the dead would rise from a slumber. Set some ground rules and ask the room mate to ease the door when entering the room when your asleep. Vice Versa. These ear plugs are a damn lifesaver!

-Get Lifted

picture didnt turn out great put you get the point…

The Essentials:

(4th) Tupperware and plastic stackable totes.

Glad is great for taking your meals to class and the stackable totes are great for storing all your fish oil, flax, and other manly necessities in. Lotion, chapstick, clippers, tooth brush, shaving cream, razor etc. Don’t bother buying silver ware… The dining hall or cafeteria won’t miss a couple of forks, knives, spoons, and tea mugs… :wink:

Always have a couple clean tupperware on hand. Sometimes when rushing to class you need a clean bowl so keep a couple handy in case washing them in your sink has slipped behind.

-Get Lifted

The Essentials:

(5th) The bricks

Ok this is a bit tricky. Putting furniture (if you want to call it that under your bed is vital for floor room.) I figured you can fit at least one piece of furniture under the bed along with a fridge.

You need four bricks and place them under the post. In addition, you may notice a piece of cardboard on top of the brick. In case you need a couple CM of room, rip your boxes that you carried your stuff up in and fold it in half and slide under each brick.

-Get Lifted

The Essentials:

(6th) Lap Top, printer/copier and clean work area

Keep your work area clean by picking up papers and other school work that gets tossed there during the week once a week. Keep some pamplets of local food places and their nutritional values up top where your clock or lamp rests. Your laptop becomes sacred to you and you’ll learn to appreciate it’s many uses. You can carry it from your room to the library and jam to music while getting ready. Share files with other people on campus at a fast rate. A printer/copier is also essential for those projects that need to be printed out in the last minute… Or workout programs as well.

-Get Lifted

The Essentials:

(7th) Look at your new modified back-pack… I call it your liquid carrying case or LCC.

You may notice back packs have several loops that seem to be there for no reason… But now they have one. grab yourself about 3 fake rock climbing clips and attach them to those loops. Buy two nalgene bottles and take the loops and hook them on the bag. I also like to add chapstick to the 3rd one. If I am really pressed for time I’ll throw another nalgene bottle on. You can fill them with water or a quick greens + (+) protein (+) some yogurt and you got yourself a meal on the go. Fill the second one up with water and watch the teachers look at you like your crazy while you start sucking down your nutrients in class.

-Get Lifted

The essentials:

(8th) The foremen grill

If you have an outlit in the room you can use a foremen grill! Techniqually you are not suppose to have one because it may be a fire hazard. Be careful and just make sure you watch it and leave your door closed so the resident assistant doesn’t catch you…

Usually the dinig hall has some poor protein choices so a quick trip to sams club for some chicken or vitamin cottage for some ostrich and your set to fire up old foremen for some fast and effective cooking. Be sure to somewhat clear the bathroom counter (if you have one) so you won’t get any splashes on meat on your room mates tooth brush.

You’ll also notice that below in the cabinets you can store a cutting board and knife for cutting meat in the bathroom. Be sure to use some dish soap to clean up well. It will take some practice to balance the bowls across the sinks and small area. ( A nice touch is to get an OXO cooking thermometer to check the meat ) my culinary art room mate said chicken is perfect at about 165-170F contrary to the higher over cooked temps usually given.

-Get Lifted

The essentials:

(10th) The fake rock climbing latch

Great for clipping bottles, chapstick, meal cards, cell phones. etc.

Very handy little tools.

-Get Lifted

Now that we have the bare essentials lets take a look at a potential perk.

A room mate: Yes they can be annoying and sometimes you will disagree on things such as cleaning the bathroom but you may also learn some things too. For example this room mate I have is in culinary arts as mentioned before. I learn a lot about cooking and even use some of his suggestions to make my meals taste better and we experiment will all kinds of his food his brings back from class. You learn from each other so that is a plus with a room mate.

Makes for a good splinter cell chaos theory opponent as well.

Now for the foods, supplements, and other good things that may be beneficial for you to have in your room.

(1st) Mrs. Dash and a accu measure bodyfat caliper (of ebay for 8 bucks)

Spice up your beef, chicken, estrich, buffalo, and salmon with these two little characters. Salt free seasoning!

Grab the body fat caliper off ebay for under 10 bucks (accumeasure) A room mate is also handy for a 7 site body fat test every 2 weeks.

-Get Lifted


Low-Carb Grow!, Green Tea, ZMA, Fish oil, and cinnamon flavored flax oil.

The nalgene bottles you may notice are soaking in some soap at the moment but are again great for all your meal on the go needs.

If you can, get your school dining hall to pay for your protein for you. Let them know you will not accept their 30% beef for sloppy joes or their processed turkey cubes or their fatty beef brisket. Ask them to assist you in getting some lean protein and if they can not provide that for you, let them know how they can- Which is buy you some protein powder!

Green tea is for those late nights of studying with some piracetam and for your creatine as well.

ZMA is essential if your a student athlete in my opinion and with noisy room mates and people across the hall getting every bit of sleep is a blessing! ZMA helps…

Standard fish oil and flax oil is also great to have on hand and can be stored in your fridge as well.

-Get Lifted

More products in the arsenal…

Oatmeal, peanut butter, flax seeds, Greens + and organic yogurt.

Having a microwave is also essential in a dorm, so you will need one of those. Great for cooking up your oatmeal quick in the morning on weekends when the dining hall doesn’t open till freakin 11 am.

Peanut butter fudge bars ( from gourmet nutrition, Dr. JB and Dr. Williams ) are great with the peanut butter and L-Carb Grow and flax meal. Easy to make and perfect for a college snack while studying. (Crush the flex seeds in a rock bowl and one of those rock rods)

organic full fat yogurt is great for a pre- bed time snack with Low Carb Grow! as well. Makes for a nice meal too.

Don’t forget the greens +. Perfect on the go veggie with your protein shake!

-Get Lifted

Don’t forget;

The marinades, and extra virgin olive oil.

Grab some marinades and marinade some of the chicken you buy and throw it in the fridge for the next day to spice up your food a little when you got some extra time during the weekend. I don’t have much time but when I do I like to use them.

Extra virgin olive oil in 1 TBSP a day is great to take with your new silver ware from the dining hall! LOL

-Get Lifted

Lastly, the workout stuff:

Surge, Gatorade, creatine, a workout bag, an mp3 players, and your nalgene bottles again.

Nothing really to say here that has not already been said about these important workout tools.

an mp3 player is nice to jam to when you go workout and with the laptop you can make workout mixes to make workouts even more enjoyable!

-Get Lifted

Lastly, a Pic of my physique that I am working on…

With all these things I have in my room, I can’t see anything really standing in any students way in improving their physique and/or athletic performance…

The only constrainsts would be time and money. (something students have little of) It is definately do-able though!

I hope some student can find a use for all this info.

Good luck,

-Get Lifted

Looks like you got your shit together. That is awsome. One suggestion, get an electric steamer. They are awsome and you can cook just about any vegetable. Other than that looks pretty complete.


You have it down to a science. You will go far!

You have it all down man. You just forgot one thing.

Make sure you throw some damn condoms in your plastic drawers. Always good to have.