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Student Beats Substitute Bus Driver


Mother. Fucker.

I cannot believe it...


dude hits like a girl

he hit her like 10 times couldnt even knock her out and shes like 80, what a fuckin sissy. i would rock that chump.



ya would of thought someone would of made an half decent attempt to stop him though...


Holy fucking shit. That kids an idiot. I swear to god if I was on the bus I would have wooped his ass.


Ok... side angle, looks like a white kid. (that talks very stereotypical black)

Front angle, looks like a light skinned black kid (from his hair).

Anyone know?


I noticed the same thing.


Good thing she was wearing her seatbelt.


Hmmmmmm... really fucked up situation. Why the hell did it take so long for them to get that kid off her. Seems like that kid was the wannabe big tough guy out of the bunch. Well he'll regret this for the rest of his life being known as the kid who beat up an older defenseless women. What a pussy.

I hope he gets his face beat in one day and learns firsthand was a real ass beating feels like.


He probably has antisocial personality disorder. I would've speared him so fucking hard. I fucking hate people that take advantage of other people like that. Speared him, opened the door, thrown him out, then jumped down on top of his chest from the top of the stairs.

Goddamn...these finals are getting to me lol.


This type of behavior makes me hate these little wannabe thugs even more.
If I saw that kid rite now I would punch him in the mouth so hard hed be eating his teeth.


Anyone else thinking the entire time how the person prying him off had his back and didn't do anything about it??


I'm so glad I know how to apply a proper choke hold. Would have been a prime solution to this little event


Not only that he hit a woman, she was over fifty. Damn man, real gangsta.


+1 on beating that kid, well better yet dispose of it (as if he would contribute to society one way or the other..).

Can't understand that kind of behavior even if the guy has been through a lot in his life/childhood (which is not necessarily the case).


This shit happens all the fucking time in Holland...


I like how the other kids are pussies and basically do the worst job of holding him back. At one point one kid is standing right next to him watching. I would have gave that kid an ass whooping if I was on that bus.


37 according to the link..

the attacker was black


I think the only fitting punishment is the kid be sentenced to several random beatings from hired thugs at unpredictable intervals over the next six months.


I personally think that kid should go to jail for a few years, and be raped, VERY hard (no homo).


This is one of those situations in which you just run up behind the piece of shit and apply a lot of pressure above his adam's apple until you crush his trachea, then he dies, the world is a better place, and you can say you were just trying to help the woman.

There's really no place in this world for shit like him.


No to rape. The kid didn't rape the bus driver.

Let's try to be reasonable here.

I'm also thinking maybe we implement caning like they have in Asian countries.

Who was that American kid about ten years back who got caught for vandalism in Korea(?) and wound up getting caned for it?