Stuck with Cyp and No More Gains

Started taking cyp at 200mg/week and gained some mass. Went up to 300mg and gains eventually just stopped. Its prescribed for low-T but my test level is over 1500 and I’m still not making any more weight gains. I had cycled off in the past but my Dr. told me its uneccesary and to just get my shot once per week.

My question is what is the point of cycling vs not cycling? When I get off the test, I cant sleep and feel tired all the time so I have just stayed on it. Havent lost any mass but havent gained any either. I also seem to be having more hair loss even though i am taking 1mg finesteride every other day. Suggestions please?

Whats your nutrition look like? How about your training? Even with compounds you’ll have some sticking points. Sound nutrition and training can go a long way.

Yes. The biggest problem I see is that you’re not using mast, eq, tren, GH and insulin(optional). And you should never come off. What’s the point of coming off when you will lose everything and end up back at 150lbs. Sounds dumb to me.

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For the hair loss use some 2% nizoral shampoo, everyday. It did wonders for me, lots of regrowth.
You might also consider saw palmetto extract supplements.

If you are genuine on Test for TRT then the question of cycling is not an option for you need to be on it. You can however blast and cruise. When you blast you basically do a bodybuilding cycle of anabolics, when you finish you go back onto a TRT dose for as many weeks as you were on the blast.

As for weight gain it really depends on how you train. You didn’t mention anything about that so I don’t even know if you do much. Without the training you aren’t going to grow muscles just by taking anabolics.

TRT should involve an AI. Your E2 levels may be messing you up. hCG can prevent the testes from atrophying.

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