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Stuck with College Campus Food


I am a student at OSU, and because I will be living in a dorm, I have to buy a meal plan that consists of campus food...

I bought the minimum amount of meal swipes so I can try to make my own food (in the microwave, of course), but does anyone have suggestions for foods that would be healthy to eat on a college campus?

Or does anyone know any tricks for making food using only a microwave?

I would like to keep my diet as clean as possible since I have made loads of progress with Kiss Bodybuilding Workouts Goodbye by Wet Wolf.

Thanks in advance!


at penn state they always had chicken breasts and plain pasta aside from all the other stuff. there was also alot of hard boiled eggs at the salad bar too in the commons.. also ive only tried this a couple of times when i was in a real hurry but i know of places that microwave their scrambled eggs. i think mcdonalds does something like that too (although now that i think of it...)


I've seen guys cook raw ground turkey in microwaves and have myself microwaved potatoes from time to time. Of course doesn't taste as good as when roasted or pan fried. Yet you got to do what you got to do. Also you can't have a george foreman grill ? That would be awesome to use in your position.

So raw nuts, light tasting olive oil, ground turkey/beef, potatoes, canned fish (salmon/tuna) will probably be your best bets...


Milk would be awesome.


Waylander is huge (jacked not fat) and got that way eating campus food...and everything else in sight


I went to Michigan State and the caf always had something i could eat. Grilled chicken, fish, eggs so you may want to up that meal plan after first semester if it seems that they have good enough food. Also you CAN microwave eggs. Put an egg in a little bowl and put in microwave for about 60 seconds and bada bing bada boom


Just go in and eat everything. I kind of wish I am still on a college meal plan because I am sick of washing pots and pans and dishes.


Cafeteria meal plan is actually pretty sweet.

First of all: breakfast. You usually got your standard fare of crap, but I think the standard eggs that every cafeteria serves are a respectable choice and most cafeterias have hard-boiled eggs. Snatch up like 5 hard boiled eggs and you can eat them cold as snacks. Also, the usual banana/orange/apple trio of cheap fruit is available for the taking. At my school the good fruit went fast and by dinner time there was only two brown bananas keeping a moldy orange company, so swipe a good 4 or 5 pieces of fruit early on and you will be thankful

Second: lunch. Most schools have the standard salad bar and 90% of the time will have green peppers, tomatoes and broccoli. My typical strategy was to go on a 3-day rotating schedule between these three where I would just fill up a whole plate and bang that down with a little vinegar on top. A little weird? Yes, but I figure that when you combine that with the 4 pieces of fruit you stole at breakfast that's pretty good for your fruits and veggies for the day. Also, most schools have either a sandwich line or cold cuts just laid out. Cold cut turkey and roast beef is a solid bet for protein. Don't be afraid to be obnoxious and take a solid half pound plus a little later. If they have the big leafy lettuce for sandwiches grab a couple of those, roll a couple slices of turkey inside and you have a great snack for your 4 o'clock class.

Third: dinner. It is a 50/50 shot the cafeteria will put out a respectable dinner. Sometimes you get the dry pork loin which, while not too appetizing, can be shoveled in quickly and washed down with water for a solid dose of protein. Sometimes you get the grilled chicken drowned in some random sauce that can be mostly dabbed off and winds up tasting pretty good. Sometimes you get sloppy joe. Can't all be winners. Peanut butter sandwiches washed down with milk are great for post-workout calories and if your school has a vegetarian line, which many do, you can usually find some solid veggies or clean carbs.

All in all, the cafeteria really ain't too bad; bring ziploc freezer baggies and bag extra when they have the good stuff so you're okay when they toss out those random meals every once in a while where there is absolutely nothing of nutritional value.

For stuff you can cook in the microwave:

1.) Plain oatmeal + some combination of splenda, cinnamon, bananas (free from the caf) and natural apple-sauce (the kind with no sugar added). I also recommend checking out "Muscle Milk and Oats" as this is Muscle Milk protein powder pre-mixed with oatmeal. It is delicious but incredibly sweet; I would only add a half-serving in to sweeten up and add some extra protein to my plain oatmeal.

2.) Canned chicken. Some say this is a little gross; some say it smells like catfood. All would be correct. However, beggars can't be choosers and 50 grams of protein that can be eaten in 2 minutes is nothing to take lightly.

3.) Arizona Diet Green Tea. No calories, a decent amount of caffeine and you get the psychological benefits of thinking the "green tea" is giving you some sort of healthy anti-oxidant benefits that outweigh the massive splenda poisoning you may or may not get from cutting sugar out of your diet.

4.) Smart Balance Peanut Butter. Only like 30 cents more than regular and, in my opinion, tastes better. I think it tastes best refrigerated but a friend likes it room temp. To each his/her own. Spread/dip on/with bananas, celery, carrots or whatever your little heart desires.

5.) Pizza. Cuz fuck it, it's college and you can always just train a little harder the next day after eating pizza the night before.


Agreed. Why not take advantage of your metabolism from time to time. It's only going to slow down as you age. Cold pizza is hardly beat and doesn't even require a microwave. A little motivation to train harder can't hurt either.


Thanks guys. I think I'm set. I'll remember to give jtrinsey credit as I stuff my hoodie with hard-boiled eggs and fruit!


Oats/eggs/bananas and the regular dinner buffet type deal. Staples of my diet at school.


Luckily for me, I live in the on campus apartments...so I get my very own full kitchen. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Here are some ideas though:

  1. Scrambled eggs made in the microwave. Just spray a ceramic coffee cup with oil, and microwave until done. CLEAN THE CUP IMMEDIATELY!! They are a biatch to clean when the egg is dried. haha
  2. Canned turkey chili. It's only like $2 a can, and its a good source of protein/fiber.
  3. Microwaving some low fat cheese in between two low carb tortillas for some quesadillas.

That's all I can think of.

btw your avatar is fitting for this thread. :stuck_out_tongue:


I've seen guys pack tupperware containers at lunch and then eat their six meals per day


Good to hear, American Girl.

How many weeks have you been on my program?

Do you have a fridge in your room or only a micro?


I got my best gains in college. I ate the same thing everyday. Tuna, Egg whites, turkey breasts, oatmeal etc. I also snuck tuperware into the cafe and brought tuna back to my room. You can make it happen. Good luck.


Magic bullet is the shit. And Protein powder.

Get a George Foreman.

Finally, steal as many chicken breasts, tuna, eggs, and veggies or whatever as you can. Use plastic bags and try to be sly.

I wish I had known all this when I first went to college.


for scrambled eggs in the microwave don't forget to scramble them every ten seconds or so of cooking.

Most veg can also be cooked in the microwave. Microwaved broccoli for instance takes less than half the time that it takes to boil, and tastes 3x better. You can do a small bowlful (covered) in 1 min.


Hi Wet Wolf!
I've been on your program for 8 weeks, and it was such an eye-opener because as a former dancer, my conception of exercise was very different. I thought I'd get ripped simply by dancing/doing cardio with crunches. My sister, who told me about Figure & your program, inspired me to lift. Once I started your program, I was even more inspired. Thank you!

My room does have a both a micro & fridge - it's a little bigger than a standard mini fridge.


North or South campus? I'm getting ready to graduate from OSU and can offer you some tips.

The cafeteria always has healthy food to eat, always. They even have a new place called Fresh Express that specializes in fresh, healthy foods mostly. The big thing when using the meal plan is willpower haha, you can stuff your face with whatever you want, it just requires some choice.

Burritos Noches may be the end of you, I'm not sure the amount of times I consumed 2500 calories directly before going to bed (this is before I got into working out), but it added on to my freshman 30. You can mess up a WHOLE lot at OSU eating wise, but if you have willpower and desire, you can eat very healthy off the meal plan along with the tips already in this thread for eating in your dorm. Your refrigerators are tiny though and some RA's are very anal about having stuff to cook with although you do have a microwave so it is possible. Protein shakes would of gone a long way with me if I had drank them back in the day.

Basically go to the cafterias and fresh express and eat healthy, you'll be fine.


what about the scrambled eggs in the morning? I go to MSU and usually eat these instead of the boiled eggs because its quicker to get down